The Greek's Pregnant Bride by Michelle Smart

Reviewed by TashNz
The Greek's Pregnant Bride
by Michelle Smart

Book Two in the Society Weddings series.  Christian and Alessandra are introduced in book 1 with just enough details to make me curious so purchased this as soon as I could, especially after reading the excerpt.

First thing I loved about this story is the fantastic start to the story, Alessandra is the little sister to Book 1's hero, Rocco.  His three best friends know that the beautifully stunning Alessandra is 200% off limits but one night Alessandra acts on her simmering attraction to Christian and boom - firecrackers are shooting everywhere.  Given the title you can guess that as a result of the amazing magical night Alessandra has some unexpected news for Christian.  Due to his upbringing he swears no child of his will ever go through that and insists on marrying Alessandra, but prior to that - they must tell Rocco.  Which brings me to the second reason why I loved the book - telling Rocco the news.  Loved this part, so so brilliantly written and true to form how a big brother would act.

It swept me along on such an emotional rollercoaster that Michelle Smart is so clever with.  It was passionate and the background stories fitting in well.  I was on the ride all the way. I really loved Alessandra, she has a lot to contend with, her father, her grandfather, her brother and now Christian, not to mention trying to build a career as a professional photographer.  Being pregnant and not knowing what the future holds except knowing that she's developing more and more stronger feelings for Christian while he is more and more rejecting her.

Well written, a fabulous read, especially if you love emotion and intensness, drama and beautiful locations.  Strong characters and  wonderfully woven and connected stories.  Very much looking forward to Stefan's story, especially after reading an excerpt of he and Clio, and knowing that Zayed (from book 4) is telling Clio he knows something's wrong and he doesnt have to give her away to Stefan.

4.5 from me

The Greek's Pregnant Bride (Society Weddings)

Reviewed by Desere 

Pure addictive passion,  romance of the most sensual kind, words that flow like magic and characters so vividly brought to life they seem to be people we have know for many years, those are just a few of the descriptions I can use when speaking about the new Michelle Smart read.

The story tells of the gorgeous Greek Christian Markos, long ago he swapped the streets of Athens for the world's top boardrooms, now  he has enough riches to indulge in his every whim, except one. He can't buy it, but he can take it! The only trick would be to let go of it and not want to own it forever, it's doable, right?

Wrong one forbidden taste of his best friend's sister, Alessandra Mondelli and he is lost in her magic, but he's always been all about get the task done and get out, it's what keeps him alive and living more than comfortably. But then Alessandra announces she's pregnant with his child! This is one deal he won't be walking away from, ever.

Alessandra knows about pain, hurt and anger after a youthful mistake , it was public scrutiny she never wanted yet could not avoid. Christian offers her and their baby protection, but she must push all thoughts of love aside, except their dishonorable hunger for each other is threatening the convenient arrangement, is there any hope ?

I love Michelle's books and every time I know am in for a excellent read, but what I did not expect this time around was that she took her writing to a very new level of excellence. There were little twists and turns I could see coming , but instead of going the normal way I would expect it to run in a HP read, it went into directions I never imagined, and I could not have been happier.

The author weaved this journey of two souls that always were meant to be together, into a absolutely unbelievably journey of hope, compassion, a romance blossoming during a time of self discovery and heartship

I fell head over heals in love with both main characters , I wanted to see them be pushed to their limits and the author delivered this on each and every step of this remarkable read. I got to experience every emotion, every touch, felt every word whisper across the night sky as the author brought to life a romance so strong, so needed and so real.

I am taking away a message of life has little ways to push us into a corner we would rather run from than stand around taking hit after hit, but with no way out the only action you need to take is to hit back, keep going until you are freed.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance, and if you have never read any of this author's books then my dear reading friends you are missing out on journeys filled with pure magic and vital to keeping our romantic hearts beating.

Super Special 5/5 Star review
" She brings him to say I do, but can he convince her to say it's forever?"