The Millionaire's Proposition by Avril Tremayne

The Millionaire's Proposition

Reviewed by Desere

I have from book one been a huge fan of this author's unique fun and quirky way of writing, she is somehow able to take a totally fun heroine , add in a " I am going to kill this man" hero , mix it all with a smashing setting , add a large dose of " I did not see that coming" twists and turns and in the end it's the perfect pick me up read, not every author out there is able to pull it off.

So of course I totally squealed with excitement when I found this gem in review request box, you hear that , yep that's me still squealing ! This read is a ' friends with benefits arrangement read, two nights a week, strictly confidential and for one month only.

Sounds dangerously exciting, well it was meant to be, but lawyer Kate Clearly is so buttoned up that she hears millionaire architect Scott's proposition and immediately whips out a contract for them both to sign, thus kind of taking the thrill out of the entire set up.

But Kate is no dummy, because when Scott sees her in high heels and stockings she has him right where she wants him and all he can do is sign, and the danger - thrill level soars right back up!

Being in the business of ending marriages means that Kate is pretty much jaded about relationships, and thus she is ready to make sure that her little " complicated enigma" aka hotter than hell Scott , will be a complication she solves very quickly before walking away. One one little flaw in her master plan, she 'll have to break her own watertight contract in order to walk away.

First things first , the banter between Kate and Scott was simply put , bloody excellent, as in I was totally addicted to it. It is not every M&B book that I pick up that has this level of boundaries being pushed, it was absolutely electric.

The author showed her magic again but ensuring the book is fun, flirty and really hot!!  The characters were all the kind that you know exist in real life, but you never get to go inside their minds, you can't hear their thoughts, you can't see behind the image they show the world and if you are anything like me, you will understand when I say that it is a truly irritating thing to know you need to get into the person's soul in order to really understand them, but you just can't breach that wall. The author took me deep into the minds, the thoughts and the emotions of the characters and I was thrilled beyond belief.

A really sexy and I mean really sexy read filled with just the right amount of humor to keep you laughing and enough emotion to really get you thinking. The perfect " hero is a little screwed up, heroine needs to be knocked down from her pedestal sexy romance explosion " read.  And I cannot end off without telling you about the totally romance perfection ending, it sent my heart soaring, my mind racing and wishing I could be Kate, Scott you rock!

5/5 Star review
" One month, one contract , two hearts racing towards the ending"