Escape to Paradise by Robyn Rychards

Escape to Paradise

Reviewed by Desere

Andree Bancroft lives a very sheltered life on the beautiful island of St. Barthelemy and there is no place she would rather be. It's peaceful, beautiful and very much what every busy person craves.

Then her perfect little quiet world hits a very distracting and also very good looking bump, in the form of a famous singer showing up at the villa her father manages. She has no clue at all who exactly the man is, but she does know one thing, the man sends her heart into overdrive and attracts her like a moth to a flame.

Maximillian Chanteur is desperate, his fiancee dumped him, his muse has gone up and vanished, and to top it all off he lives in a fishbowl, hiding out from fame. Escaping to the island is definitely what he needs, it will be good for him.

What he does not need is sexy, kind and caring Andree , kicking his heart into gear and his body demanding he grab her and prove his studliness is very much alive in the bedroom department, but resit he must and he will , except Andree is breaking down his defenses bit by bit and he slowly feels like his escape to paradise is about to go up in flames of desire.

I have been a fan of this author's books from the very first time I read Her Man from Silo  . She has a very emotional and sweet way of telling a romance that is filled with love, tenderness and as reader you simply cannot help but get drawn in. But of course for some readers it would not be what they are looking for, some readers simply put, prefer lots of hot passion  and less emotion. For me either way works because it's rather about the actual story being told then anything else, but of course everyone has their own preferences.

But this time around the author has really showed she can take her stunningly sweet writing skills and turn the tables on me as reader. Escape to Paradise still had that emotional heartache and sweetness about it, but the author added in a large dose of passion, super sexy scenarios, a hotter than hot hero and a truly sweet as sugar heroine, set it all against the backdrop of a magical island and voila , absolute perfect romantic escape, yep she nailed it!

The character of Maximillian ( of Mr super hot rock-star as I like to call him) was one of those hero's that was really, and I mean really lost in his sorrows. Not that anyone could blame him, I mean if your fiancee takes off, your muse goes missing in action and you literally have to hide out every minute of the day to avoid hounding fans and face the pressures of avoiding a little addiction, then there really is no one that can say you are sulking for no reason.

And because of all these life-let-downs I really wanted to grab hold of him and tell him that it will somehow all work out, okay so I am lying I wanted to just grab him and kiss him senseless and then tell him it will all be okay,  the author truly wrote one heck of a hot hero!  Hello Mr Rockstar, come sing to me! At the end of the day, it was through this character that the author showed how strong someone can be when they find just the right person to reawaken their spirit, the trick is to not chase the new found zest for life away.

Andree was such a sweet as sugar heroine, that she was the absolute perfect image of that best friend we all need when life gets us down. I loved her innocence most of all, it was really refreshing to read about a girl that has never so much as thought about sexy men, instead of the usual , been there, done that, what's the next challenge? , kind of heroines I usually come across in romance reads.

Her innocence is of course also what makes her so kind and caring, she's never really faced having to deal with someone who has countless issues, let alone feel so strongly about fixing it all. Through this character the author did an amazing job showing how innocence, being over the top kind and caring is never a bad thing, it's what sets you apart from the world and makes you that  one special person to someone that is in desperate need of saving.

A to die for backdrop, delicious vanilla rum, super hot hero, super sweet heroine and truly amazing journey of love being the ultimate winner in a battle of heartache , this read had everything I love about romance reads. I highly recommend this read for each and every single romance fan out there.

And as for the author adding that super sexy layer of spice to her writing, I will only say , Robyn Rychards welcome to the world of pure romantic bliss.

5/5 star review
"Escaping to paradise , becomes the rescue he's always needed but simply never knew"