Accidentally Still Married by Carmen Falcone

Accidentally Still Married

Reviewed by Desere

Once, feisty Grace was married to the hottest man alive, Sebastian Zwane, the sex was mind blowing, he was sweet , kind and everything a girl could want. Then a tragic change tears them apart, little bit little each day, until they decide to call it quits.

Fast-forward two years later and Grace is in desperate need of saving her catering business. So desperate that if it means striking a deal with her hot estranged husband then so be it, all he wants in return is sex and for her to add her signature to the divorce papers, yes you read that one right, for you see Grace never actually signed those, and in return he 'll give her a large financial injection and her catering blues will be gone.

Sebastian sees the deal as a means to and end, he 'll get to feast on Grace's body one last time before moving to a new location to further his millionaire empire, and with Grace's golden signature he won't have to worry about her demanding half of his empire.

It's the perfect deal for them both, except when the deal comes to an end and their attraction is stronger than ever before, will they be able to walk away from each other?

I LOVED this book, it was fast paced, easy flowing and full of extra hot sizzle. Both main characters have a little secret from their past, that they preferred not to tell each other about whist they were together the first time, so of course when the secrets are revealed the book gained an awesome layer of intrigue.

The author sent a strong message through both characters, communication is vital in any relationship, if there is no communication there is bound to be at least one of the two halves that will keep trying to do what they think is best, all the while not knowing that what they see as best is in actual fact exactly what the other person is afraid of.

Accidentally Still Married is a sizzling hot, hearts breaking and being mended, emotional journey of two people gaining a second chance in life. I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for a quick and easy romantic adventure with lots of depth, hot sex and a very happy ending.

Special note : The hero is South African , and that for me as reader was tremendously special because most hero's in romance reads are Italian, Greek or of some other nationality, and being South African myself I got to fall in love with a little something extra special.

5/5 Star Review
" Step one : Hot sex  Step two : Sign the darn papers  Step three : Walk away. After all it's just sex, right? "