The Professor's Secret by Robyn Rychards

The Professor's Secret

Reviewed by Desere

On the verge of graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Biology, Danielle Gerome faces one of life's hardest battles when he parents are tragically killed in a accident. The last thing she expects is help from the art professor she's has admired from afar since she started college.

From semester one that Danielle walked into his art history class Shane Bancroft has been in a daze. Four years later and he still can't stop thinking about her, but he has tenure on the line so he naturally does't dare act on his feelings, except focus on the fact that she will be graduating soon.

Then he sees her crying in the campus library ( don't you just love it, a romance that hits a spark in a library, perfect ! ) , one night and soon he starts wondering if the sacrifice of tenure is actually worth missing out on the possible love of a lifetime romance he knows he will have with Danielle.

This novel is a prequel to the author's title " Escape to Paradise", it was such a lovely little read that really sent my heart soaring. A story about two people who both need love to get back to light , but circumstances simply hold them back.

The author did a wonderful job taking me on a journey of love, self discovery and that amazing love story that follows when realization hits.  A very hot little read, and I will also add the author totally amazed me with the level of intensity and passion, I am not use to her reads being so " in your face" but I am totally loving it!

I walked away from this read with a very big smile on my face , it will stay in my memory for a long time coming.

Excellent work Robyn !

5/5 star review
" The art of love become romance history"