A Vacation Affair by Nicole Flockton

A Vacation Affair

Reviewed by Desere 

Being betrayed is one of the worse experiences anyone will have to face in life. You feel like you somehow failed yourself, you ask why you never saw the signs and you pretty much feel as low as scum even though it's not your fault. So naturally you will need to find something that lifts you up again.

In this read from talented Nicole Flockton, we meet Brandt Whitaker, once betrayed by a former lover, he has set his sights on concentrating on his Caribbean resort and spa. And he's worked really hard to make it the most sought after place to stay, but he's still restless and looking for something new to focus on. He never expects for his new found focus standing in the lobby of his hotel.

For Erika Roberts, this little trip to paradise, was meant to be the trip of a lifetime, a chance to reconnect with her long term boyfriend. But instead it turns into a getaway for one. She's determined to make the most of her time and not mope around wallowing in disappointment and sadness. So when she spots hunky Brandt , she recons a vacation affair is exactly what she needs.

As their time in paradise gets tested by the waters of passion, the storm in their battered hearts pound out the question they both have to deal with, will this simply be a vacation affair or will they beat the odds and forever live in paradise?

This was a nice short read, literally took me under an hour. It had a great even flow and the characters and plot was really well developed for such a short read. Some short reads have a tendency to go from meet, to hot in bed, to dark moment to end. And that's all there is, no development of the characters, their hurt, their anger, resentment and of course the actual plot that seems to go from point a to b and then suddenly d , and leaves me as reader asking " What happened to c?" So very nicely done Nicole, you crammed everything I wanted into a very short, nice package!

Now onto the juicy stuff without totally ruining this read for you, because as with all reads from this author, this is another very sexy read that is not to be missed.  The heat and attraction level in this read was off the charts, pages seemed to light up even before the characters even actually met, the setting of a paradise island was perfect for the plot. I think if the author chose a different location such as say Paris, then this simply could not have been so hot to read. It was the combination of sun, surf , and long hot nights that really sent up the sexiness of this read.

Both characters were ones I wanted to hold to let them know it will be okay at some point, but of course that is something I could not do, and thus it is as always up to the author , and a lot of times I find that the author simply does not do it properly, they take it to the level where the reader can walk away with an ending but not really a satisfying ending, definitely not the case in this read, I was grinning like a loon when the ending rolled around.

So if you need a little afternoon romance fix, that's fast, fun, filled with sexiness and a stunning message of being able to take on a challenge for a change in life , this is the perfect book!

5/5 star review
" From affair to forever . Or is it from affair to not ever ? " 


Reviewed by  Helen
This is an exciting sensual and emotional story that you will read in one sitting the setting is just beautiful a resort and spa on an island in the Caribbean to die for the perfect place for Erika Roberts to get away to after being cheated badly by her ex and yes she is more than happy to have a vacation affair.

Brandt Whittaker has worked hard to be where he is today and even being cheated badly by his ex couldn't stop him from finally opening up his dream holiday resort even if he did have to change a few things but here he was and although a bit emotionally battered he is smiling.

When Brandt first sees Erika he decides that he wants her but it has been a while since he has felt this way and with Erika looking for a fun holiday the pull has them eventually meeting up but things don't run smoothly Erika is a strong up front beautiful woman and Brandt is still getting over his past, but when they end up at the secluded beach house things really heat up and not only do they have a very sensual time they also open up to each other and this is just what is needed for both of them a sexy emotional HEA that will keep you smiling.

I loved this one and highly recommend it.

5/5 stars for a great story