The Doctor She Left Behind

Scarlet Wilson

The Doctor She Left Behind by Scarlet Wilson

This is an emotional story that is moving and sensual as two people Nathan Banks and Rachel Johnson who are both Doctors that had trained together and been together totally in love and the future was ahead of them that is until tragedy strikes and Nathan loses his parents in a car accident and takes over the care of his younger brother and Rachel is there to support and love them but things change for Rachel suddenly and she leaves Nathan with not much of an explanation Nathan is devastated and Rachel moves on to Australia to live with her mother and she gets on with her life and Nathan joins Doctors without borders and does his best to save the world.

Eight years later a joint friend organizes for both Nathan and Rachel to go on the film set of a reality TV show as the Doctors in The Whitsunday Islands in the Coral Sea and Rachel has another ex there as well one of the contestants, their first meeting after all these years shows that there is still a big spark there but so much has happened in the last eight years and there will need to be a lot of talking done before they can go forward to the future.

This is a beautiful journey to a wonderful HEA as Rachel finally tells Nathan why she left the way she did and Nathan comes to terms with some feelings he has and he is very determined to win Rachel back and of course the setting is very nice sparkling beaches sunsets and champagne don't miss this one it truly is a lovely story 

5/5 Stars for this great story