Vettori's Damsel in Distress by Liz Fielding

Review by TashNZ

What a beautiful story!  When I started this book I parked myself up on my back deck in the sun (surprising since it was winter) and read until the sun started setting, I was that captured by Dante and Geli's story.

Lost, alone, devastated Angelica walks into a cafe... the apartment she'd signed up for was non existent, the letting fee she'd paid was gone!  Something about Angelica caught Dante's eye, in fact something about her caught everyone's attention.  Before she (or he) knows it Dante has offered Angelica a place to stay upstairs and basically from there a beautiful story unfolds.  Two opposites attract and the author does a brilliant job of capturing my attention and holding my focus for the rest of the afternoon.

I want to liken this story to the feeling you feel when you're in the middle of winter and you're all snuggled up by the fire or in your duvet and while is blowing and hailing outside, you're absolutely warm and toasty.  THAT is how I feel about Vettori's Damsel in Distress and as someone who's read Anything But Vanilla I love the linkage.

Beautiful story - highly recommended.

Reviewed by Nas

VETTORI’S DAMSEL IN DISTRESS by author Liz Fielding is a July 2015 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Angelica Amery wanted a new start so she went to Italy. But nothing worked out as she found she had been conned by scam artists on internet. She found a development site instead of the apartment she booked. Then to seek shelter from bad weather, she walked in a bar where she came face to face with the most handsome man she had ever seen. 

Dante Vettori couldn’t just leave Geli stranded now, could he? So he took her in and provided a job  for her at his bar. But underneath it all, he also found her to be a stimulating companion and his dormant feelings aroused. He knew Geli was attracted to him as well, but would she still want him when she learned the secret he was hiding?

Read VETTORI’S DAMSEL IN DISTRESS to find out what happened to Dante and Geli. Author Liz Fielding once again astounds her readers with witty dialogue and mesmerizing emotions. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Vettori's Damsel In Distress

Reviewed by Helen
This is a beautiful story in a beautiful setting you will be smiling throughout this one it brings warmth and cheers into your heart as Dante and Geli journey to such a great HEA.

Geli has arrived in the small town of Isola in Milan for a fresh start she is a fashion designer and wants to start in the city that is know for fashion she is the youngest Amery sister and now that they are both married with families of their own and her beloved grandmother is settled it is time for Geli to begin hers. But of course nothing seems to run smoothly the weather has tuned very cold when she arrives and the apartment that she has rented is not there and she has rescued a kitten and her Italian is not the best things are not looking good but when she steps into a café that is warm and friendly this will change her life forever Geli is such a positive person full of smiles and love and her rescuer Dante Vettori is drop dead gorgeous.

Dante had been through a lot in his life he loves this town of Isola and is doing what ever he can to keep the old world style and stop the developers he is loved by everyone in the town but after his last relationship turns sour he is single and staying that way that is until a damsel in distress walks into his café covered in snow and in need of help.

As Dante and Geli get to know each other and open up with stories that neither have told anyone the spark and pull just gets stronger and with kittens and injured mother cats to rescue this story is so heart-warming sensual and wonderful you will not want to put it down till you get to the end and then you will want more about these two beautiful people and the town and the other characters that help make this story fantastic the banter between them and the talk about ice-cream and Rosie the ice-cream van will have you smiling.

I loved this one and highly recommend it don't miss this one I need to get the first two stories about Geli's sisters and read them :)

5/5 stars for such an awesome read this is truly one not to be missed

Reviewed by Alexia - 4.5 stars

"Vettori's Damsel in Distress" by Liz Fielding is a light hearted, quick read. Perfect for young adults reading romance or if you just enjoy a good romance story. No graphic sex scenes but it really isn't needed in this story.

Angelica Amery "Geli" to those who know her. She has come to Milan to start a new life away from her sisters, and their family happiness. When she gets there she finds that she's been scammed out of an apartment. She meets Dante Vettori who calls her "Angel" and he comes to her rescue by finding her a place to live.

Much more to the story but it deserves to be read rather than I give more of it away. Solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Hina - 5 Stars

Where to begin?

Set in a country that I want to see, this is a story of Love at First Sight. And even that, not just for one of them but both. Sparks fly right, left and centre but Dante and Angelica both consciously make efforts not to give in (Dante more so) because they are not sure if they envisage a future together.

Emotions and sparks flying high, this story talks about emotions and pain that are suppressed behind different layers of indifference and special clothing.

Making themselves vulnerable when the consequences are unknown is a very big leap of faith but they jump in it anyways.

And together they surface in their happily ever after.