The Greek's Last Redemption by Caitlin Crews (Chatsfield #13)

Greek's Last Redemption
by Caitlin Crews
Theo is beyond angry when his ex wife skypes him. It's a first for her, a new antic, and he's annoyed there's more than likely going to be another drama she will cause as a result. Holly has been nothing but a severe pain in his side for the last four years but the last thing he will grant her is a divorce. It's the one thing in the world she wants and he's not having it! Incensed is pretty much how Theo feel's if his thoughts dare to stray to Holly. Threatening to take half of his empire with her in the divorce settlement if he doesn't agree to meet, Theo furiously arranges they meet at Barcelona Chatsfield, the place of their exquisite honeymoon.

I adore the passion and angst and drama that Caitlin Crews packs into her stories, I am a HUGE fan of dramatic and highly emotionally charged stories in which the couple are separated and coming back into each other's spheres. They're my most favorite type of story in this genre. Caitlin Crews captured the emotion perfectly in Greek's Last Redemption. 

Theo is beyond furious with Holly and how she ruined their marriage, he loved her from here to the moon and back times a million. I felt that with every emotional word I read. He was so passionate about his love it makes one only dream of even half being loved like that... which I guess is why I couldn't quite give this amazing story 5 stars... I couldn't quite understand Holly's thinking... which i cant explain without giving everything away. It niggled in the back of my mind, she had the world and she threw it all away.

Don't let my thoughts on that stop you from reading this amazing story - especially if you love the highly charged and passionately emotional reunion stories. Theo! There are no words. Holly was lovely too, a lovely character. The beautiful surroundings of Spain were described so wonderfully. 

The Harrington is also featured as well as Spencer Chatsfield and Isabelle Harrington who's story is Chatsfield Ultimate Acquisition by Melanie Milburne.

4.5 shiny bright stars.

by TashNZ