The Perfect Cazorla Wife by Michelle Smart

Reviewed by TashNz
The Perfect Cazorla Wife
The Perfect Cazorla Wife is a perfect Harlequin Presents and also where they have perfectly named the story.  It’s been a long six hundred and thirty three days since Charley has seen her still gorgeous husband Raul and he’s not pleased to see her when she gatecrashes a party to corner him.  Begging for his financial help with her latest venture we catch a glimpse into the previous life Charley and Raul shared.   From the moment he claimed her he did all he could to change her into the  perfect wife, one that would fit into his world. He humored her by financing all her past hair-brained adventures and the last thing he wanted to do now was fund anything more.  He sends his ex wife packing!
Two days later Raul offers Charley her much needed lifeline.  In exchange for gifting her the money she desperately needs, Raul tells Charley he expects her to return home and live as his wife for four months, or until such time the renovations on the daycare Charley is trying to save is complete.
Brilliantly timed flashbacks paint a grim picture of two people from completely opposite worlds.  There is no doubt they loved each other only Raul’s thinking spending millions on his wife to change her into the perfect wife was showing love and Charley loved his world and trying to change at first but as we all know there comes a time when we have to be ourselves.  How refreshing it was to not have to introduce herself as Charlotte anymore. 
I adore second chance stories and The Perfect Cazorla Wife was a perfect example of two people coming back together, learning what really matters and going forth with compromise and genuine love.   Charley was a fantastic character who despite everything that was stacked against her decided it was time to stay true to herself (loved her outfit for their first outing together).  Raul was the perfect alpha who really needed taking down a peg or two and with Charley’s help, he learnt what is really important in life. I loved how he grew in character.
I adored the writing.  First line: The moonlight that poured over the mountaintop hotel gave it an ethereal, mysterious quality.  Beautiful beginning setting the scene.   By the time she reached the door, the beats inside her were so loud the ambient music was completely drowned out.  Fantastic  imagery.  Reasons I always look forward to Michelle Smart’s stories is her fantastic imagery in setting the scene, fantastic dialogue, making me feel emotion and in making me get lost in the characters world which included the Spanish way of life and festivals.
A brilliant read, a moving read and perfect Presents story and I must also give a shout out to the cover!
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5 great big freakin perfect Stars. 

Reviewed by Desere

Michelle Smart is an author that wow's with every single story she writes. And this time it was no exception , she wrote a story about a " perfect wife" but it was not only that it was THE PERFECT STORY!

It tells of Charley Cazorla, striding into the exclusive Barcelona party of the year, uninvited of course, with every stride she steels herself against facing her soon to be ex husband. Her hopes and dreams are slipping away and sadly Raul is her last hope. But to stay strong in his presence is far easier said then done. But she knows she can do it, all she has to do is breath, talk, make the deal and get out.

But Charley underestimates the depth of fury Raul feels toward her. Because in return for saving her failing business this bastard of a man, in every sense of the word, is demanding his own brand of payment. Charley will resume her role as the perfect Cazorla wife , in every sense of the word!

But back in her husband's imposing world is the last place she wants to be, but needs must and soon she discovers that their lust for each other is still burning strong. Will Charley be able to escape it's hold a second time around? Or will Raul and Charley finally find the true meaning of love and understanding?

I adore second chance romances, it's what gives me that all too special grin on my face and makes the world seem like a better place. But sadly in some reads it's a very line by line , left to right , a to b , kind of plot. There are no surprises, no make it pop moments, no in your face attention grabbing scenes.

Thank the heavens above there are author such as Michelle Smart, because I got all of that and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Raul is a real jerk, and I mean the kind of jerk that you wish you could squish like a bug. Rich , marries the poor girl and then once the wedding night is over , he's all about changing her to fit into his perfect little image of a rich man's wife. Naturally I did not feel badly for this man when Charley walks out on his pathetic wanting to change her attitude, instead I could not get enough of the adrenaline rush I felt when Charley walks back into his life two years later and voila, she sends his senses reeling !

Charley was my kind of heroine, fun and funky but with loads of the perfect I fell, I lost , I walked out and I won't fall again instead I will fight back attitude that I love oh so very much! I was rooting for her from page one!

Something that I really liked about this read , was Raul always turning the situations into sexual ones, Charley would say something completely innocent and Raul would turn into something so sexy and so alluring that my heart could not stop beating with excitement, even though I was still hating him , very much so! It was very 50 Shades like but so, so , so much better! It had more flair, more depth, more meaning. more this is real in your face than anything I have ever come across.

I highly recommend this read for each and every single romance fan out there, if you want passion with energy, romance with a kick, sex with so hot the pages will go up in flames and a second chance romance that will blow you away, go read this book!!

5/5 star review
" The flames of perfection meets the flames of desire and everything goes up in smoke! "