An Heir Fit for a King by Abby Green

An Heir Fit for a King
by Abby Green
An Heir Fit for a King is a wonderfully written and emotional story.  It's penned by the amazing Abby Green who is so fashion-forward with her writing and an author who consistently pushes boundaries.  An Heir Fit for a King is due for September 2015 release with Harlequin Presents and part of the One Night With Consequences series.

Fashion-forward... what does this mean you wonder?  Read the first chapter and that's EXACTLY what I mean!  An exceptional beginning - daring to go where not many first chapters have gone before.  Uncharted territory which I absolutely adored.  Abby Green has always done this for me and I love it! In my opinion it helps keep these books exciting.

Alix Saint Croix is an exiled King of a small island kingdom.  He is a hard and determined man who's suffered greatly in the past and very close to claiming back his crown.  Never before has he been floored by a woman as he was when he walked into Leila's perfume shop.  He pretty much drops everything to pursue her.  Leila puts the colour back in his world, he's completely consumed by her and it's not long before he's thinking she can be his queen.

Of course things don't run smoothly, especially with Leila feeling completely overwhelmed by Alix's world, by Alix and by the intense feelings she's starting to feel.  They have amazing chemistry which consumes them both but overhearing a conversation tips everything over for Leila and she ends it.  Consequences of their brief union bring them back together, not by Leila's choice and reluctantly she agrees to be Alix's Queen.  Both parties need to dig deep into their pasts and open their hearts up if they stand a chance.

An Heir Fit for a King is set in beautifully described France and a stunning island, so real I was there!  Abby Green never fails to hit the emotional nail on the head with incredibly likeable and slightly broken characters, stunning locations and a story which marvelously wraps me right up and reels me in.  The sparks were flying and the aircon was turned up to full!

I loved A Heir Fit for A King, I loved both Alix and Leila, their character make-up and their chemistry.  I loved the descriptive writing which covered locations, emotions, sights and smells.
I adored An Heir Fit for a King and would recommend it to all!

*Copy provided by Netgalley for my honest opinion. Thank you Netgalley x

5 Stars
Review by TashNz