Destined for the Desert King by Kate Walker

Reviewed by TashNz
Destined by the Desert King
by Kate Walker

Kate has written a fantastic story called A Question of Honor.  It was released in 2014.  The moving story of Clemmie and Karim.  Clemmie has run away.  She is promised to Nabil, the Sheikh of Rhastaan.  Destined for the Desert King opens 10 years later, to Nabil toasting his best and closest friends Clemmie and Karim a happy tenth anniversary.  

Now of course, if you're reading Destined for the Desert King you'll be wondering whaaat? They are friends? How did that happen?  And of course you'll be expecting Nabil  to be happily married to Sharmila, the girl he married in A Question of Honor but we learn very quickly she was assassinated, while pregnant with Nabil's heir.

Feeling suffocated Nabil wanders out onto the palace balcony and encounters the beautiful Zia who introduces herself as a prospective wife's maid.  For the first time since the death of his wife Nabil is woken.  He feels an instant connection and fights against tooth and nail to act on it.  Deciding it's time he marries he choses his prospective wife's little sister and is shocked to the core Zia turns out to be she!

What follows is a beautiful story of two people who have been bought into the world unloved and treated unloved and unwanted by those who should matter the most.  They have their base connection which Nabil finally acts upon but Aziza feels like she's living in the shadow of a ghost and will never earn the love and respect of Nabil.   However, not all is as it seems and while Aziza feels at her lowest when she's having trouble conceiving, Nabil takes a risks and bares heart and soul!

Strong and powerful descriptive writing had me sitting in the afternoon sun, sipping  on a cider, and enjoying every single word written.  If you have read Kate Walker in the past you will know exactly what I mean!   Not a word is wasted, not a page goes by without beautiful words and emotional moments with hearts on the line.

I absolutely adored Clemmie and Karims story and Aziza and Nabil's story helped answer many questions, I do note however my book says this is "Rhastaan Royals Book 1", so I'm very curious as to who is in Book 2 :)

5 Stars
Harlequin Presents Published December 2015
Rhastaan Royals Book 1

Reviewed by Nas

DESTINED FOR THE DESERT KING by author Kate Walker is a December 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series. This is Book 2 of the mini-series Rhastaan Royals. Book 1 is A Question of Honor. 

Aziza El Afarim had a childhood crush on her new husband Sheikh Nabil Al Sharifa. But she knew the tragedy which had befallen Nabil’s life. How could she expect him to be the same boy as he was? But she realized she had lost her heart to him many years ago and he still had it in his possession. Could she ever hope Nabil would return her feelings?

Nabil had been betrayed in the worst possible way. Could he ever trust another woman now? Everything was political maneuvering for him. And getting married to Aziza was a strategical move. And she was a good person to be a mother to his future heirs. Would there ever be anything more for him? Did he want more?

DESTINED FOR THE DESERT KING is a romance full of emotional intensity and shimmering with sexual chemistry and sensuality. Author Kate Walker has her own unique way to captivate and fascinate her readers. This story would enthrall a reader and keep her hooked until the very last page. I finished this story in one sitting, as I was eager to discover what happened next.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 

Destined for the Desert King

Kate Walker

Destined for the Desert King (Rhastaan Royals #1) with Bonus ... by Kate Walker

Reviewed by Helen

MS Walker writes stories that are magical you will fall for the heroes and cheer on the heroines as they journey a path that can have its ups downs to such wonderful HEA's and this one has it all.

This starts of as a marriage of convenience Aziza El Afarim is chosen to be the King's bride for a number of reasons but Sheikh Nabil Al Sharifa has seen tragedy and knows that he must marry and produce an heir for the good of the country but there is such a spark between these two and many memories from their childhood can he overcome the emotions he has that convince him he cannot love can Aziza help him see that love is there or will it be a loveless marriage.

I fell into this book from page one and didn't want to put it down I loved the sensuality and passion they had and the heartache and honesty that had to be overcome so they could be loved and feel loved I loved the setting truly this is a story not to be missed I highly recommend it thank you MS Walker for hours of reading pleasure I have been looking forward to Nabil's story and I was not disappointed.

5/5 stars for an awesome story

Published November 17th 2015 by Harlequin


Reviewed by Amanda

Steamy, intense and engrossing… Kate Walker delivers a drama packed story in her latest book Destined for the Desert King. The story is captivating so much it would have you turning the pages in need to know what will happen next between the characters. You'd be surprised how quickly you reach the end. Sheikh Nabil is the king of Rhastaan and so he needs a queen. Years ago, when he was young, he lost his wife, Sharmila, to a bullet meant for him. Ever since then he has become a changed man. It is during a function held at the palace that his life would change forever. On the palace balcony he meets a woman, Zia. She introduces herself as a maid. But the way Zia makes his body awaken under her quiet gaze, her soft lips…Nabil swoops down and claims Zia's mouth. The powerful reaction he experiences makes him want her but he is swift to walk away so sure he would never have to cross the maid's path ever again. But the shock of his life comes when Nabil chooses a queen. On his wedding night when he removes the veil from his new wife, his outburst is funny… (You'll have to find out for yourself)

Aziza has always been the spare wheel, the other daughter, the ugly one… She was more of a burden to her parents than a daughter. In her parents' eyes, her father especially, she could never reach the standards of her beautiful sister Jamalia. This makes her hold herself in low-esteem. It is during chaperoning her sister at an event held by Sheikh Nabil that Aziza crosses path with the dark, imposing king…someone she once knew as a boy. The little boy has grown up to become dark and irresistible… Aziza introduces herself to Nabil as Jamalia's maid. But seeing her childhood crush as a grown man awakens her body in a way it has never been awakened before. And when Nabil kisses her on the dark palace balcony the physical intensity has been instantaneous! Now you might think the story has been predictable so far, but what happens from here on is unpredictable. Ms. Walker shocked me good and well with Nabil's story. But I am disappointed there was no epilogue to tie up two unanswered questions at the end. You'll need to read the book to know what I am talking about. But overall the story captures your attention. You'll be hooked even though there were minor flaws in the storyline.

4 Stars