One Night...With Her Boss by Annie O'Neil

One Night...With Her Boss by Annie O'Neil
Reviewed by Helen

Fabulous story that you will not want to put down once you pick it up this is one that will make you smile throughout rugged rugby players emotions sensual and heart-warming truly fab story.

Dr Ali Lockhart has decided that her life needs a change she has thrown herself into her work since her life was turned upside down by a couple of major heartbreaks but is happy with her single life and working with dancers and gymnasts and their injuries but is going to move on and work with rugby players she has been hired by one of the best in the business and she plans to learn all she can but a snow storm of all things closes the airport and Ali does something that she has never done before and that is has a one night stand and WOW.

Dr Aiden Tate has been through heartache and is determined to stay single love is not for him anymore he is good at his job looking after the rugby players but he has a couple of weeks off every year and has hired a locum who has such great credentials and he is looking forward to working with her when he returns, but when a snow storm closes the airport and he spends one of the most sensual nights he has ever had with a beautiful woman he is still determined to stay single and there are no names just one very passionate night he then moves on but never forgets.

Of course when Aiden returns to the team who would be the locum none other than his one night stand and here starts an incredibly wonderful and heart-warming journey to a great HEA, the characters are so real and come to life on the pages you will be laughing smiling and yes tearing up and isn't that just the best with a romance I highly recommend this story sit back and enjoy.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published December 15th 2015 by Harlequin

Reviewed by Nas

ONE NIGHT…WITH HER BOSS by author Annie O’Neil is a January 2016 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Dr. Ali Lockhart decided to have a last fling before starting a new job. But her one unforgettable night with a stranger turned to shock because the stranger was none other than her new boss, Dr. Aiden Tate.

Aiden couldn’t believe that the girl he had a fling with is right in front of his eyes. Could he start again where he left off?

ONE NIGHT…WITH HER BOSS is a story about meeting the stranger you never thought you will meet again ever. Author Annie O’Neil brought this story with emotions and medical drama. A reader would stay glued to the book till the last page to find what happens next in Aiden and Ali’s life.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance. 

Reviewed by TashNz
5 Stars
What a cracking good story. Hooked from page one.

Ali has an insanely amazing one night stand with Mr Suit - no names! Imagine her surprise when it turns out to be her boss!

What I loved about this story is the two characters, Ali and Aidan who are both career driven surgeons and experts in their own fields, they are fabulous characters and the story builds them as each page goes by. I love the environment the two are put together in, which is Rugby (which is a religion, not a sport here in NZ) so something I can totally relate to. The story itself which has two unlikely yet totally matched characters learning to be who they are and accept the past as the past and to be both brave enough to let go and try life as a couple. I loved the humor sprinkled through out and I loved the drama of the sports field and the injuries.

I couldn't put it down and finished it while ill in bed. Fabulous read, made me smile and forget for a while how unwell I was feeling.

The reason I elect to give this 5 stars is because it was perfect to me, made me smile, loved the characters and the story and I couldn't put it down and I'll definitely read again.


"One Night...With Her Boss" by Annie O'Neil is listed as a Medical Romance but it is much more. The story was well written and I didn't want to put it down. Dr. Ali Lockhart is starting her life over again and her night of romance on Valentine's Day with a stranger turns into something else. Thinking that she would never see this man again she really puts herself out there and is much more expressive when having sex with her stranger. Turns out that the stranger is someone that she will be working with Dr. Aiden Tate.


Dr Ali Lockhart had had her dreams shattered and now does not want to have roots anywhere but forever be on the run. Dr Aidan Tate on the other hand has loved and lost and deems himself undeserving of having a family of his own.

Now, doesn't that make them a made for each other material? Both of them not ready for the family that they need and want so badly.

Though their night together happened before they ever found out their working relationship, it happened cementing a bond between them. A bond that was in plain sight for all to see but them.

It takes a baby and some very heart wrenching moments of loneliness to make them reach out for what is meant for them and what they surely deserve.

Emotion runs high in this one


Dr. Ali Lockhart has made a decision to start her life over. So she picks herself up, brushes her past behind her and decisively takes her future all in one big stride. But when she shares one passionate night in the arms of a stranger, Ali never thought she’d see her sexy one night stand partner ever again. However, Ali is in for the shock of her life when she meets her new boss. Dr. Aidan Tate is shocked to see Ali too. Working together and being in close proximity to each other does things to them. It is how they straighten out the kinks in their relationship that gives the story depth and keeps you hooked. Overall, One Night…With Her Boss is a steamy medical romantic story that brings out the best in the flawed characters and Annie O’Neil does a wonderful job in tying up the issues blocking Aidan and Ali in reaching their happily ever after. A wonderful story portraying that complete strangers can find love and become best friends in the end too!

4 Stars

5 Stars

Dr. Ali Lockhart is the Doctor for a rugby team and has been hired by the Chief officer Dr. Aiden Tate and as such she spends a lot of time watching their games and practices. Dr. Aiden Tate hasn't shown up yet but he had hired Dr. A. Lockhart feeling she would be good for the team. What neither are aware of is that they have already met. A few years prior they had a one night stand, neither took names knowing it was for one night, so when Dr. Tate shows up and Ali realizes that he is that man that she nicknamed "the suit", be prepared for a lovely story. They both have pain from their past and are fighting to keep the attraction on the back burner, but Ms. O'Neill brings these two wounded people together on the rugby field and their feeling run like the game Aiden does not want serious and refuses to allow himself to fall in love, all he wants is an affair with Ali. When the affair gives them the consequence of a baby he still won't commit. Its an interesting road they both travel to their HEA but an enjoyable trip for all romance readers. A lovely compelling story of how Mr. Suit becomes the love of Ali's life. Don't miss this one.


Dr. Ali Lockhart is starting fresh. She is leaving behind the memories of the accident that changed her life and her dreams forever. Her mother always wanted Ali to be a ballerina. But that was not to be any longer. She changed careers and became a physician for dancers and then she got the challenge to fill in for Dr. Aidan Tate as a sports physician. 

Ali and Aidan who did not know each other prior to this were both stuck at an airport with bad weather. One thing led to another and they found themselves in a very steamy night, something neither of them had ever done. No names were even exchanged and they just wanted to remain strangers. It was Valentine’s Day and cupid was plotting something special. It was powerful attraction between the two and could they really go on to forget that night happened? 

Well nothing works out that way. Ali was watching the North Stars Rugby team and she knew that the Chief Medical Officer was due back that day. Maybe even during the game.

As Ali watched she heard these horrible sounds of pain come from the field. There lay Chris Trace the team’s best player. She was warned that they hope she had a good stomach and Chris was a mess. His goggles were somewhere, and he had caught the full blow of the Southern Cross player. As she is asking about the goggles a male voice asked Chris if he can’t remember or can’t think straight. Ali does not even have to turn around to KNOW that voice.

He is THE SUIT as she called him. Hearing his voice, being close enough to touch him. Now what between the two? Enjoy!