Carrying the King's Pride by Jennifer Hayward - Kingdoms & Crowns Book 1

Reviewed by TashNz

Was totally hooked by the page one where we meet Sofia, being brave enough to know she needs to leave her current lover Nik, she’s getting attached and she knows that breaks all the rules.  And break up they do which is all well and good until Nik’s security detail reveals to him she’s pregnant!

Nik isn’t any ordinary person, he’s Prince Nikandros Constantinides of Akathinia.  A tragic accident claims the life of his brother and he’s forced to go back home where he’s then made King because of his father’s poor health.  Nik struggles with this, this wasn’t in the plan, he wasn’t raised to be king… he belongs in New York where he shines at what he does.  Finding out about Sofia he knows what he has to do – bring her back and make Sofia Queen and have his country’s heir grow up as one of his own.

And they all lived happy ever after!  Ha hah, no no no, Nik’s country is upset by neighboring war which is threatening and Nik’s also upset the family and the countess the family said he had to marry.  No way, not now that Sofia is pregnant.  And Sofia, well the last thing she wants to be is Queen of anything except her emerging fashion line.  

A wonderfully told tale of two strong and likeable characters and a true testimony of Jennifer Hayward's wonderful tale telling which I absolutely adore.  I love how the story takes me away to a wonderful world and I like how the beginning was so unique.  You never read stories where the heroine marches in and insists on breaking up.  I absolutely loved the concept.

Well loved and I'm looking forward to the future installments.

5 Stars

March 2016 Release

Reviewed by Nas

CARRYING THE KING’S PRIDE by author Jennifer Hayward is Harlequin Presents release for March 2016.

King Nikandros found out his brother had perished in an accident and all of a sudden he was the king now. Then he got informed that his lover, Sofia Ramirez was pregnant. There was no doubt that the baby was his. But could he get Sofia to agree to be his Queen?

Sofia, scared that her feelings for Nik was getting deeper, broke off her relationship with him. But now she was pregnant and alone. Dare she let the king know that she was carrying his heir?
Could she be what Nik wanted? And marry him for the sake of her baby? Would Nik ever love her for herself?

CARRYING THE KING’S PRIDE is an intriguing romance with off the charts chemistry between Nik and Sofia. Author Jennifer Hayward has her unique way of spellbinding her readers and keeping them engrossed in the story till the very last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 

Carrying The King's Pride by Jennifer Hayward

Reviewed by Helen

I really enjoy MS Hayward's stories and this one was no exception a fabulous story with a beautiful setting and royalty and a future heir to the Kingdom of Akathina a small island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Nikandros Constantinides is a royal Prince but he lives and works in New York his older brother is heir and Nik is brilliant with numbers he loves his playboy lifestyle he has had lots of woman in his life but nothing permanent and that is the way he wants it his new woman is designer and boutique owner Sofia Ramirez a beautiful woman strong and gorgeous and so far they have managed to keep their affair secret, but in time Nik will end it like he normally does and move on.

Sofia is enjoying her affair with Nik but she feels that the time has come to end it before she gets too close to this man they sizzle together sensually they get on well but both know that nothing can be permanent but when Sofia decides that this will be their last night the passion flares as they become one but there are consequences a baby and with Nik then getting news of his brother's death life changes very quickly for both.

This is a story that will have you turning the pages as Nik and Sofia journey to a HEA that is filled with emotional ups and downs and Sofia coaxes Nik to open up about his past and his relationship with his father the turmoil that comes with becoming King and running a country convincing Sofia to marry him and a baby on the way. They know they are sensually drawn to each other but Sofia wants more she wants emotional commitment and time and love from Nik for herself and their baby is she strong enough to bring Nik around?

I loved this story and highly recommend it you will be smiling throughout and there will be more in this story line Kingdoms and Crowns that I look forward to.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: February 23rd 2016 by Harlequin


5 Star review by Alexia

"Carrying The King's Pride" by Jennifer Hayward is classic Harlequin at it's best. Prince Nikandros Constantinides and Sofia Ramirez are having a discrete affair. Feeling that Nik is getting tired of their trysts Sofia decides to break things off with him, but on the same night they have one last fling which results in her becoming pregnant. The only problem is that Nik is engaged to someone from a neighboring city that would help Akathinia become a more productive city. Beautifully written and has us rooting for this relationship. 


5 Star Review by Hina

Nik and Sofia's affair does not have a long life. at least that is what they know. Fate, however decrees something else altogether.

With a baby on the way all plans rush out the window with the future of the Kingdom changed drastically.

Though, for the baby, both Nik and Sofia re ready to settle down but at the cost of their own happiness.

Bought up a certain way, Nik can't let his heart rule over his head and had to keep Sofia at a distance as he sees her as a distraction when he has a kingdom to run. While Sofia is dying a little inside everyday from the coldness she senses emanating from her betrothed and the father of her baby.

Filled with angst and killing the desires of the heart for the most part, this is a story of to people who finally learn of what really is important in life and once someone has that settled, all else follows

5 Star Review by Amanda

If you’re looking for a steamy romance novel that is laden with sizzling sexual chemistry, power, high-octane drama, bold yet flawed characters and defying rivalries between royal families then pick up the first book in Jennifer Hayward’s Kingdoms and Crowns trilogy for Harlequin Presents! 

After Prince Nikandros Constantinides is dumped by his lover Sofia Ramirez, they share one last night, one hot, hot night in each other’s arms and then they part ways for good or so they both think. After his break up, however, Nik is shocked with the ill-fate befallen on his family with the life-changing news his personal aide, Abram delivers to him. The crown prince, his brother was dead and his father had taken to bed after a heart attack due to his brother’s death. Now thrust into the role as king after his brother’s funeral, it is now up to Nik to take the reign of his tiny country and move it forward…eschewing the threat of war from neighboring Carnelia. Nik would even marry the Countess of Agiero to secure his country’s stability except destiny had its own plans for him. When Nik discovers Sofia carries the heir to his throne, his plans change and he only sees it fit to make Sofia his queen. It is from here on which makes this story interesting. It is the emotional battle between Sofia and Nik to do what’s right for their child and Nik’s struggle to protect his country, which unravels the plot and keeps you turning the pages... Overall, this is a fabulous new book by a talented author whose intricate storytelling brings out the best in her characters. So if you haven’t read a Jennifer Hayward novel yet then pick up this book, curl up in a comfy chair and prepare to be mesmerized!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars

Review by Cheryl - 5 Stars
Sophia Ramirez was seeing Prince Nikandros Constantinides from Akathinia. Sophia and Nik both held jobs in New York. Sophia knew she had to make this the last night with Nik as she could sense he was about to and she wanted to have the upper hand. 

It was later that he discovered his brother had died and he needed to take over the responsibility of taking over the crown that his brother had held and also Nik's father had collapsed after the accident of Nik's brother.

She was on the pill and so for this last night she asked Nik not to use protection. Later she went to the doctor and discovered she was pregnant. Nik had found out even though he was not in New York. Nik went to New York to discuss this with Sophia and he rushed her off to Akathinia. 
It was there that he called off what was to be his engagement and became engaged to Sophia. Since the baby would be the heir to the throne and she was given the choice of either marry him or go back to New York alone without her baby. 

There was troubled times between Nik and his father and also troubled time in the area around Akathinia and the nearby land. Nik fears that Sophia had gotten pregnant on purpose and since he was not a trusting person it made for a very difficult time. 
Jennifer Hayward writes a very awesome love story and one about trust and how to trust and taking responsibility.

Review by Dottie - 5 Stars

This is the first book of a three part series called Kingdoms and crowns and what fantastic start. Sofia Ramirez is having an affair with Prince Nikandros Constantinides, but she knows his relationships have an end by date. She is falling in love with him, so decides to protect herself from the hurt of him leaving her so makes the decision to end it herself. Sounds like a good idea until they end up in bed together for one last time. Sofia doesn't know that soon after their last night, Nikandros is called home to Akathinia to rule as his brother, who was to be the next in line for the throne, is killed in an accident and his father the King has collapsed from the news . So you figure he goes home and becomes King and Sofia goes her way. However if you have never read Jennifer Hayward you should because she writes fantastic stories and if you think this is one of those that have them having one last night, she gets pregnant and they are forced to marry for the child and so that's the end. That is not happening and you are wrong because, she writes a heartfelt story about a man who is emotionally destroyed by his brothers death a country in crisis, that he must secure as well as take care of a women who is pregnant and carrying a future heir and at the same time , deal with all the road blocks that can make or break a future king . Ms. Hayward always has such a way with words that one will always stand out and make the reader smile. When Sofia wants to feel she is a part of Nik's life she takes you on a journey with the future King who fears that she deliberately got pregnant to capture him, and a headstrong woman who he wants to come to his country , marry and raise their child and continue as they were. Sofia wants to feel she is a part of his life and will not continue as they were until they truly understand each other and what each wants. Nik's question "Define understand" is just the beginning a fantastic journey, with this book. Loved it and can hardly wait to read the next two. Would give it more than 5 stars if I could.