A Dangerously Sexy Affair

A Dangerously Sexy Affair

Stefanie London

A Dangerously Sexy Affair by Stefanie London

Reviewed by Helen

Fabulous story I loved this one from page one it has everything you want in a romance hot gorgeous and a very caring hero a heroine who is quirky fun but has some issues from her past that have kept her single for some time now and she has just been passed over for a promotion at work it is time for a change.

Quinn Dellinger IT specialist and is a very keen gamer and is at an industry party with her best friend Alana when she sees the most sexy handsome man and her body tingles in a way it has not done for some time can she do this have a one night stand and switch of the past, well she is going to try and when handsome guy sees Quinn the tingles increase.

Aiden Odell is just about to start a new job with his best friends security firm he has just left the FBI after an injury has changed things for him and he has come to the industry party to try and get some leads never thinking he would meet the gorgeous girl with the pink hair and sparks would fly and a sexy passionate night would be had.

When Quinn arrives at work the next morning and discovers that the hot sexy guy Aiden is none other than the guy who got her job more sparks fly but when they are teemed up to together to solve this case and Quinn goes undercover they get closer and both open up more Quinn has such a hard time trusting but Aiden is so caring and the affair heats up. This is a story that is fun and so very enjoyable hot steamy and with characters that are so real there are games to play as well as a case to solve but above all a beautiful romance between two very deserving people that had me smiling and Aiden will always be a favourite hero of mine. I highly recommend this one. 

5/5 stars fro a great story

        Published March 22nd 2016 by Harlequin (first published March 15th 2016)