London's Most Eligible Doctor By Annie O'Neil

London's Most Eligible Doctor by Annie O'Neil
Reviewed by Helen

This is such an emotional and beautiful story a story of two people who have lost something that meant everything to them and then slowly opened up and found a new life together.

Lina Keminsky is a prima ballerina she is Polish and has put everything into her dancing then disaster strikes and Lina can no longer dance, after surgery she hides away in her flat in London with barley any money to live on but her former ballet director Madame Tibold steps in and sends her to En Pointe a specialist surgery for injured dancers to apply for a receptionist position she has no idea how this is going to work out but when she meets the owner Dr Cole Manning there is an instant attraction will her life finally turn around.

Dr Cole manning has moved from America after losing his fiancé that changed his life he lost more than Katie in that accident and has travelled to London and thrown himself into his work and is determined not to make any decisions for anyone, he is friendly but a loner, although he has now found himself with a puppy that needs a little help and a little love and when Lina arrives for the interview for the job things start to change for the better.

Lina and Cole have both moved countries and left a lot behind they both have emotions that they do not like to show but they are so drawn to each other and with the help of a nameless (at the start) puppy they get closer and closer the barriers that they both have built around themselves are starting to crumble. There will be tears shed in this story but the smiles will be huge when they admit to love this is a story that you will not want to put down it was a joy to read the characters are so real and lovable and Gemma who works at the surgery as well plays a part in this one I would love to see Gemma with her own story and I highly recommend it.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published March 1st 2016 by Harlequin Enterprises LTD.



A solid love story with each chapter packed with detail which made me feel like I was reading a story wrapped up in my winter duvet with the fire crackling in the background... peaceful... no noise and no interruptions... that's how this book left me feeling - peaceful and happy.

The point of difference for London's Most Eligible Doctor is Lina who is a Polish ex-prima ballerina.  She speaks her language through out the story and I really enjoyed this as something different.  Opening chapter had me smiling even though I could feel her pain for the situation she was in.

Lina started off as a "favour" - Dr Cole Manning needs a new receptionist for his clinic which specialises in dealing with dancers and their injuries.  Lina is so gutted, thinking all she's worked for in her life, 100% focused on being a ballerina.  So happy she is not!  Cole has moved to London to escape his past and together the two grow closer while trying to deal with the life changing events that has made them who they are today.

Little Igor is also a heartwarmer!

Another book from Annie O'Neil which I absolutely got lost in and loved - in a warm wintery way if that makes any sense.


Enjoyed it immensely.

This story shows that everyone has emotions even if they are bottled up. It is just the right person that is required to pop the cap off.

And not only that, there is always supposed to be an alternative planned as that does not mean that one is not passionate or optimistic about what they are doing, it is prudent because life is not fair. It throws curve balls and it is inevitable to dodge them all.

All in all, a thoroughly grasping story.


"London's Most Eligible Doctor" by Annie O'Neil is not only a medical romance but just a true classic romance. Lina Kaminsky was a rising prima ballerina until an injury caused her to walk with a cane. Her mentor at the ballet company recommended her to Dr. Cole Manning to work as his secretary. Cole was one of the most premier Doctor's to deal with dance injuries. They both come with baggage in their pasts. Lina, who wanted to make her family proud because they spent their earnings to give her the career she wanted until her injury. Cole, is running from his past. He was engaged to a woman who was his best friend growing up. She was to become a lawyer and drew up DNR (do not resuscitate) papers for herself making him the signee. Little did either of them know that she would get into an auto accident that left her brain dead, and he was the one to pull the plug. Both Lina and Cole come together as unlikely partners, but they learn to help each other heal.


London’s Most Eligible Doctor for me is Annie O’Neil’s best medical romance. This emotionally stirring novel will grab hold of your attention from page one and will stir your soul with the choices the characters must make in order to give the other happiness. This is a medical romance, yes, but it has all the trappings of a satisfying story where angst, drama, pain, heartbreak and the shattering of dreams play equal roles in moving the plot along. Lina Keminsky’s life as a prima ballerina had been on the rise but when she is tragically injured she has lost balance on her feet and in her life. When her mentor recommends a job suitable in her current condition, Lina takes it all in easy stride. Working as Dr. Cole Manning’s secretary gives Lina a sense of duty and purpose. What she hadn’t bargained on however is to find the broody doctor irresistible. But Cole just like her comes with his share of baggage. Tested by fate or maybe destiny, Cole and Lina must overcome the challenges they face in life in order to find happiness. But could they find a way past their broken dreams and ambitions to find happiness with each other? Well-written and touching, London’s Most Eligible Doctor will move you to tears and in the end have you cheering for the H/h!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


Lina Keminsky spent her life trying and being a prima ballerina. Until a devastating dancing injury took her out and made her have to walk away from her dreams. She felt everyone was disappointed in her; her parents had done everything all her life to support her dancing and gave her everything she ever needed even if it meant not getting something they needed. Slowly one by one of what she thought were her friends no longer came around and she was becoming more and more down and broke. 

Cole Manning was a doctor that working with ballerinas and other dancers and when Lina's old dance instructor called him and told him that Lina might work well as a receptionist in his office he reluctantly gave her a job. Trial basis however not giving her much training. Lina realized that Cole had scars also. Not the physical kind that Lina had but the inner kind. He had been engaged and his fiancée had a Do Not Resuscitate paper on file. His fiancée was in a very bad car accident and on life support. Cole had to be the one since he knew about the DNR to have the plug pulled and let her die. His own parents and his fiancées parents basically disowned him. How could he do such a thing when he loved her so? 
Cole and Lina did not realize how much they needed each other. How they were meant to be together and not just in the office but in their personal life. 

Could it be possible that they really needed each other to mend their hearts? Annie O'Neil writes the perfect love story about Cole and Lina. Enjoy!


lina Keminsky's devastating injury while dancing put an end to her dream of a life as a prima ballerina. When she had to walk away from that dream it seems that other parts of her life ended also. She lost friends and she felt she let her parents down after all the expense they used up to send help her secure her dream. Backing away from everyone she lives alone and barely survives, no money can't even afford food or proper food. She is offered a job as a receptionist in Cole Manning's office, the only problem is he is a Doctor that works with dancers and ballerina's. Both of these have scars hers with her dancing him with being responsible for pulling the plus on his fiancé when she is on life support because of an accident. Both have separated themselves from family and friends. What happens is they both find out that they have so much in common and maybe there is something good to come out of all the bad they have faced. Cole and Lina need each other and Ms. O'Neil has put two lonely unhappy people together and together they find happiness. A lovely story to be savored