The Seal's Second Chance by Anne Calhoun (Alpha Ops 3)


Absolutely loved this story about Seal Jamie Hawthorn, kid from the right side of town… home for one thing and one thing only and that’s to win his high school sweetheart for life, pro basket baller Charlie and kid from the wrong side of the tracks.

Titled as a novella, this is probably why it only took me three hours to read on a beautiful Sunday morning but the content had the full amount of a complete story. The characters were very likeable and the story 100% believable and easy to read. Had just the right amount of everything and I’m definitely going back for more from this author.

The writing was clear enough to place me in an all American town, Jaime with a clear purpose and when they finally meet on the outside court there’s been enough build up for the reader to genuinely want these two to play out their game to see who will win or lose in their court side battle. Through the story there is enough drama to leave you wanting more with the side story of Jamie’s policeman brother Ian.

The reason I really loved this book is for the ease of the read, it was so easy to slip into Jamie and Charlie's world. Their background stories had just the right amount of information to build a good picture and the way their game of love played out was entirely plausible and very enjoyable to read. To top it off there was enough interest and mention of secondary characters that I googled them before I finished.

Top read which left me feeling happy, highly recommended, thank you Netgalley!

Alpha Ops #3
Published by St Martins Press April 2016