The Heat is On by Katie Rose

Review by TashNz | 4.5 Stars
The Heat is On
by Katie Rose

Loved this read. Delighted to see it’s part of a series. Can definitely be read as a stand alone.

Pro baseball player, Connor Jackson has come home. He’s come home to play his last series of baseball and hopefully win the world series with the New Jersey Sonic's, but most importantly he has come home to take the make gamble of his life and try win the game of life and love with his college girlfriend Tracy Coleman.

Going out to dinner both Connor and Tracy are surprised how easy it is to pick up where they left off and they talk and talk and simmering below is mutual attraction. But Connor doesn’t know what Tracy’s life is like now except that she is happily divorced. Fifteen years is a long time but to both time feels just like yesterday when they were kids in College.

Tracy Coleman is a happily divorced mother of 4. Yes you did read that correctly and what ensues is quite a realistic tale of a single bachelor looking up his old girlfriend who turns out to be a mother of 4. Tracy is reluctant to mention her children so early in the piece, she needs to figure out where this is going first. But as you know secrets have a way of exposing themselves and in the story, quite hilariously. Tracy is frightened Connor is going to run straight for the hills.

When Connor discovers Tracy is a Mum he takes it in his stride and I quite liked his way of looking at things. He was a strong character who was extremely likable and who I praise for sticking up for his loved ones when it counted. I loved his totally hilarious ways of dealing with kids and the adventure or two they went on and seeing things from his point of view.

I really liked the author’s portrayal of a proud mum with four kids and the battles faced with a divorce, the oldest and wisest son being upset and the effects the divorce had on him and the psycho ex also added a great angle. Realistic in a great read kind of way. Being a Mum myself I could totally relate.
The feelings Tracy felt were believable and I was totally caught up in the story, not realising how many chapters I’d read. Interspersed with Connor and Tracy’s story was Connors journey with the Sonics. I really enjoyed this and thought the trials and tribulations with a difficult team and players all panned out and I really got caught up in it.

I’m stoked to be reading a new author and will definitely be checking out the other books in the series and I highly recommend this one. It was a delight to read with realistic moments of life with kids and with likeable characters who you just wanted to both have their happy ever after. I liked the secondary characters just as much and will be looking them up.

Bad Boys of Summer Book 4
Published by Loveswept January 2016


The Heat is On (The Boys of Summer #4)

Katie Rose

The Heat Is On by Katie Rose

Reviewed by Helen

What a great story this is it is the first book I have read by this author but it won't be the last and this book is no 4 in The Bad Boys of Summer series but can be read as a stand alone and I will be reading the first ones in the series.

Pro-Baseball player Connor Jackson is thinking about retirement and decides to go back to his home town for his last year but there is also someone else back home his college sweetheart that he left behind to make it big in the baseball league he knows from his parents that she is now divorced and is determined to make it work this time but there are four reasons that may make this a bit harder than he thought can Connor open up his heart to all of them.

Tracy Coleman Carter is a divorced mother of four young children and finding it tough but she has great support in her family and best friend and of course her children mean everything to her but when her college sweetheart pro-baseball player Conner Jackson walks back into her life the spark is still there but there is a lot to think about before they can look to a future together especially with her ex causing problems.

Firstly this is an emotional and very sensual story the hero Connor is such a caring fabulous hero and Tracy has so much at stake if she re-kindles her love for Connor but that love between them has never waned it is still there as strong as it was. The author has bought the characters in this one to life so much so that you will be crying laughing and smiling not only that but I was on the edge of my seat through the baseball games as if I was there (and I don't know a lot about baseball). I highly recommend this book it was a fabulous read and I look forward to more in the series.

5/5 stars for a great story.