Hot Protector by Lynn Raye Harris

Review by TashNz
Hot Protector by Lynn Raye Harris

Quite possibly my absolute favourite of the HOT series.  I warn anyone to not start this book in bed at night because you will be staying awake until the very end which is 2.14am for me.

A race against time, with Russians on their tails, Sophie Nash and Chase Fiddler Daniels are on the run, racing to Paris to intercept a usb stick which could possibly bring down the mighty empire of Grigori Androv.  They are the most least likely couple to partner up or fall in love given that Sophies mum married Chases estranged father but it is amazing what comes out in the wash while on the constant move and in hiding from the bad guys.  From the second Chases house blows up the ride doesnt stop until the breathtaking conclusion comes racing at you like a freight train on a mission.

I give this book 5 stars because i throughly enjoyed the storyline of Chase and Sophie and their baggage.  I loved how Sophies size didnt bother Chase at all and in fact enhanced his feelings and I warmed to Sopie quite quickly.  She was the sunshine while Chase was the hot headed simmering dawn.  I liked that I felt I was on the edge of my seat the entire read because the action was non stop and the second I drew a breath because I thought everything was ok, boy was I wrong.  I loved the concept of Sophie coming to Chase for help and the rest of the team were on RandR which added another dynamic to the story, the normal use of HOT facilitties and power wasnt quite readily available which made great use of Hawk and his talents.  I loved how the whole team still managed to come together as a team at the end and I really enjoyed the apperance of Ian Black.  I can not wait to read his story.  I know alot of people cant wait to read Colnel Mendezs story and it was interesting haveing a bit more insight into him.

Im not sure if it was necessary for Chase to cuss as much as he did but I get that that was part of what made him him.  I loved how Lynne wrote Chases character and how he grappled with Sophie as a person and how they got their happy ever after.

Yes, cliche coming, HOT stories just keep getting better and better.  Well enjoyed and still playing out the story with a smile in my mind while I write this.

Hostile Operations Team Book 10
Published Jan 2016

5 stars