Risk of Exposure by Emmy Curtis

Risk of Exposure by Emmy Curtis
Alpha Ops Book 6
Review by TashNz | 5 Stars

Hello Emmy, I’m Tash, your newest fan!  LOL!

Risk of Exposure had me at the first paragraph.  Humour wins me every time and I was smiling by the end of the first paragraph.  I was impressed by the clever writing of the author who manged to set the scene in the very first paragraph. 

Malone has been sent by his boss to the most “bloody boring town in Ukraine” to report on and follow the most “bloody boring woman in the world” who happens to be his bosses Daughter.  It’s SO boring that Malone resorts to playing Candy Crush and reporting the results to his boss to show how BORING this woman is.  It quickly turns out to the reader that Abby’s Aid Work boring daily routine is a very clever disguise for her undercover CIA job.

Normally, to keep his undercover job interesting, Malone would manufacture a meeting with his target, seduce and be a pretend boyfriend until the mission is over but with Abby, firstly she is THE.MOST.BORING girl in the world and he’d rather bang his head on a wall and secondly, she’s the bosses daughter.  But holey moly his interest is piqued when he accidentally sees more of her than he’s supposed to.

I really liked Risk of Exposure because it was fast paced, never a dull moment and the pace is set from the first page.  A thrilling and suspenseful storyline had me in a world far from where I am and on the edge of my seat with the situations they put themselves into to survive Abby’s mission.  A memorable read for the fun and light-hearted dialogue mixed with the tension of two individually strong characters make a fantastic pair both in work and pleasure.  I loved Abby, it’s not often the heroine is a girl who can kick butt with the best of them and who has such an interesting job.  Malone is your typical no nonsense hero who I’d be quite happy with looking after me!  I loved there was no lag – I didn’t skip pages and I ate up every word.  A recipe for a great story in my opinion.

Thank you Netgalley and Grand Central Publishing for the opportunity to read a new author.  I loved it!  I would highly recommend Risk of Exposure to any lovers of Military Heroes, suspenseful and action packed operative type stories, where risk is high in both the frontline and in the danger of exposing oneself to the possibility of falling in love and all the risks associated with it.

I’ll be back for more!

Published by Forever Yours May 3 2016
Alpha Ops Series Book 6