Bound to the Bounty Hunter by Hayson Manning (Bound Book #1)

Bound to the Bounty Hunter by Hayson Manning
Reviewed by Helen

This is a story that will bring out so many emotions as you turn the pages you will be laughing out loud shedding some tears and sighing throughout this steamy hot fantastic story as we get to know Sophie and Harlan on their journey to a HEA that is filled with so much pleasure and angst and danger grab a drink sit back and enjoy. 

Harlan Franco is a hotshot bounty hunter and security expert in Colorado he is gorgeous and knows what he is doing but he also really likes to take control so when he takes on a job to keep Sophie Callaghan safe and find out the truth about her he goes in blazing but he and Sophie have a bit of a past that has left him feeling a bit guilty but there is also this spark this pull towards her but work is work he must keep his mind on the job.

Sophie Callaghan is a tough PI in Colorado she takes jobs to keep her going is such a caring person she loves her dog who has a very good trick that can clear a room but underneath Sophie is vulnerable after the childhood she had growing up and she owes a lot of people thanks to her father and Sophie is determined to pay them all back. She is a loner and picks up bail jumpers when she can but she is also working on a personal case at the moment and that is what has taken her to the sex club Hostage in town and where she runs into Harlan Franco again the man that she has a past with and is not keen on at all.

This is a fabulous story MS Hayson writes stories that are witty sexy and so full of amazing characters that come to life on the pages the dialogue between Sophie and Harlan is incredible, this story is fast paced and one I couldn’t put down I fell in love with Harlan even though I could have smacked him at times the way he wanted to be in control and Sophie was so strong and caring such a beautiful person she aims to help wherever she can and to see her open up to the friends she finally makes is so moving. Both Harlan and Sophie have things from their past that they want to keep that way but the strength and love that is growing between them makes them finally open up yes their journey is an up and down one but one that will keep you up late and thoroughly enjoying.
I highly recommend this story there are so many fantastic characters that add to the journey and I can’t wait to read their stories there are twists and yes the sex is amazing and so beautiful a hero with piercings is a first for me but the love that shows through what both Harlan and Sophie go through will really make you smile this is one for the keeper shelf it was a joy to read and ticked all of the correct boxes for a fabulous romance.

5/5 stars for an awesome story

Expected publication: July 18th 2016 by Entangled Publishing, LLC


Review by Dottie - 5 Stars 

Take Sophie Callaghan a women who wants to prove that she is oh so different then her father . Add Harlan Franco is a county hunter that has in the past pulled a lot of pranks on Sophie. Together her as a private investigator Sophie has dealt with all kinds of danger but she doesn't realize that Harlan the bounty hunter isn't working with her but actually being paid to protect her. Eventually she realizes the danger but he likes to be in control so you are taken on a journey with two people who both want to be on top. There are lots of emotions, secrets and sexual tension. Ms. Manning is an author you will want to keep an eye out for.

Review by Lynn - 4 Stars

A little slow ... but in the end, I enjoyed it!

Bounty hunter and security expert Harlan Franco is used to being in control, but when his secret assignment puts him in up close contact with his difficult rival, all bets are off! She lives to drive him crazy, and he has to admit, he's enjoying it!

Sophie Callaghan is a private investigator that enjoys getting to push Harlan's buttons after some of the pranks he's pulled on her. She doesn't know that he's being paid to protect her, but after awhile it becomes too hard to not notice that there is danger around her a little too often. When secrets are exposed, will Harlan be able to keep her safe during the fallout?