Marrying Her Royal Enemy by Jennifer Hayward - Kingdoms and Crowns #3

Marrying Her Royal Enemy by Jennifer Hayward
Reviewed by Helen

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and it was so good to be back in the world of royals and problems that linger between the two beautiful kingdoms of Akathinia and Carnelia . King Kostas Laskos is doing his best to bring peace and democracy back to Carnelia and for that he needs a wife and the wife he wants is Stella Constantinides Princess of Akathinia oh but she is strong willed and they have a past that neither of them have forgotten but there is such a spark between them can he convince her that together they will make a team a good team.

Stella has agreed to marry to help bring peace to these two kingdoms but it will not be a love match she must at all costs keep her feelings to herself she has seen her parents marriage and what happens when one loves and the other doesn't. Stella is loved by the people of her country and will do what ever to make sure that peace and fairness rules in Carnelia as well, her and Kostas will be a team were honesty prevails but can she keep her feelings to herself with Kostas doing all he can to entice her.

Kostas has had a dreadful childhood but has turned out such a caring honest and hard working King he will go to any lengths to bring about peace and a democracy to Carnelia but he needs Stella to help and he needs heirs but he too must not love it must be a partnership they must be a team but with a past between them that cannot stay locked away and a truth that needs to be told about the death of Stella's brother this is going to be a journey with lots of ups and owns.

MS Hayward knows how to pull a reader in from page one this is a fabulous story so sensual and moving as Stella and Kostas journey to a HEA and come to terms with their past, and try so hard to ignore the sensual pull that has been there for many years the dialogue is fabulous and yes this one ticks all the boxes for a romance that is moving and emotional one that you will not want to be disturbed while reading another one for the keeper shelf and of course it is always wonderful catching up with friends from past stories.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: August 1st 2016 by Harlequin Presents

Review by Amanda

Marrying Her Royal Enemy by Jennifer Hayward is an intense and tempestuous story about two independent individuals who have to put aside their hate and misunderstanding for each other in order to prevent their countries from going to war.

Stella blames Kostas for her brother’s death and though she’d once been infatuated with him she loathes him for what he has done. However, the sparring moment between her and her enemy heightens when Kostas asks her to marry him. He must be crazy! But Stella knows what is at stake if she fails to accept Kostas’ offer so she agrees to marry him though her determination in not having him getting under her skin slowly slips away as she discovers a new side of her husband she never knew existed. Getting to know Kostas and learning his side of the story only draws Stella closer to her husband and it isn’t before long that she discovers her long time crush had always had a thing for her too and as her husband, he is willing to show her how much he madly wants her!

Sizzling hot and fast-paced, Marrying Her Royal Enemy ends the trilogy on a happy and fulfilling note.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars

Review by TashNz - 5 Stars

Through the trilogy the devastating story of Stella's brother has been a backdrop to help us reach this point – Kosta's story – king of the neighboring kingdom who was racing with Stella's brother when he plunged over the cliff and died.  Although Stella loathes Kosta for taking her brother away from her, there's history between the two, from when they climbed tree's when they were little right up until she shamed herself waiting for him in his bed a decade ago.  Asking Stella to be his Queen starts the emotional and heart tugging story of Kosta and Stella.

A brilliant story that I give 5 stars to because from page one I was invested!  I was drawn in by the great opening, I was captured by the recalled memories of Kosta and Stella, I felt the feelings the author was brilliantly laying out on the pages and I loved the setting and the plot that unfolded in such a way I was completely invested.

Stella, being the youngest of the siblings, is so over pompous princess life, she wants to make a difference to the world and Kosta's needs a Queen, to help him win the upcoming elections and a person by his side who he knows will make a difference to his people and who believes in his vision he has.  Stella is just the person, but he knows Stella hate's him for what happened with her brother but convinces her to help him and together they form a tight unit and it's clear they genuinely have feelings for each other but are the hurdles jumpable?

A great adventure, a fantastic love story and a wonderful way to wrap up the trilogy.   Could it be possible to make a fourth book with the appearance of the dead brother?  Hmmmnnn.....

Review by Lynn - 4 Stars

A royal take on a friends to enemies to lovers story!

Princess Stella Constantinides of Akathinia is not happy to be walking down the aisle towards King Kostas Laskos of Carnelia, but for the peace and safety of her kingdom, she has agreed to this wedding. She's not going to bend to his will and be his meek little sidekick though!

Kostas regrets the hatred Stella feels towards him, when all he tried to do all those years ago was protect her from himself. He sets out to make things right with them and have a partnership in their marriage instead of animosity.

Stella has gotten over that schoolgirl crush she had on him .. or at least she wants to think she has!

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"Marrying Her Royal Enemy (Kingdoms & Crowns)" by Jennifer Hayward is another wonderful, quick read alone book that was thoroughly classic romance. Welcome to the Kingdoms of Carnelia and Akathinia. King Kostas Laskos needs to marry and he wants Princess Stella Constantinides. They have a past that didn't work out well because when Stella's brothers car went over a cliff all evidence pointed toward Kostas. Plus, Stella and Kostas have a past. If Kostas thinks Stella will rule meekly at his side he is mistaken. Somehow they both need to overcome the past in order to move on in the future.

Review by Dottie - 5 Stars

The last book of a trilogy called Kingdoms and crowns and what an end . We start off with Kosta asking Stella to be his Queen so as to help him in the upcoming elections. His country needs a King and he needs someone at his side. Simple solution it seems but Stella's brother was killed in a car that went over a cliff and all fingers point to Kosta being responsible. How does she do this can she ever forgive him? She knows what she must do so she accepts. This is an incredible story with so many wonderful moments in this book. The speech at their wedding is of sigh quality. Their wedding night was written so beautifully. If you have never read a Jennifer Hayward book you are missing out on one of the finest authors in the Presents series. She is an incredible author and her books are always fantastic from page one she has such a way with words that make her story so special. She never writes making it easy for the Hero and Heroine, she always puts obstacles in their way but this is what makes her book spectacular. I truly loved all these books but this was my favorite of the trilogy, this is the conclusion but and I am hoping she writes another and maybe visit all these characters again when she brings back Kostas friend Tassos, he was a favorite of mine in the story. Deserves more than 5 stars and a definite keeper.