Dirty For Me by Jackie Ashenden

Dirty For Me by Jackie Ashenden
Reviewed by Helen

This is one hot sexy sensual story the hero is one bad boy but with a vulnerability just under the surface and I loved it this one really ticks the boxes for a romance that will keep you turning the pages.

Ezekiel West runs a gym in the seedier part of Detroit which includes a self defence class for woman he is tough and very hard but he is gorgeous in a bad boy way there are scares physical and emotional and lots of ink, Zee as he likes to be called has a lot in his past and he keeps that to himself he has close friends, friends that he calls his family and they care for each other. Zee does a lot of work with outreach and he fights to let out that dark side of him, woman are after him all the time one night stands are all he wants he is not going to lose again.

Tamara Lennox comes from a rich family a rich family with secrets and Tamara's is big but feels that nothing is real she feels like she is in a movie always doing what pleases her parents working hard in the family investment business she has a boyfriend that her parents approve of but there is no love, so when she goes to a self defence class with her friend Rose just as support she has no idea what comes over her when she meets bad boy Zee but she wants some time to be herself to open up and feel with him.

What can I say this is really one dirty hot sexy story both Zee and Tamara let lose in each others arms the faster hottest sensual and moving sex there is but there are things happening between them both are feeling things that neither planned neither wanted but wow is it good for them both. Zee opens up to Tamara like he has to no one else even his "family" and Tamara tells him her secret but when danger walks in the door this is when the love flows. I loved this one what can I say other than if you love a good bad boy and lots of hot loving pick this one up you won't want to put it down. 

5/5 stars for a great story

 Expected publication: July 26th 2016