Flame by Victoria Purman - Firefighters of Montana - Book 5

Flame by Victoria Purman
Reviewed by Helen

This is the fifth and last book in this series and again I loved it sensual fast paced and it was a fabulous story to read.

Dex McCoy has moved back to his hometown of Glacier Creek, Montana after being away for months doing a smokejumper exchange he is still known as the rookie on the team but he is really good at his job and has learnt a lot over the past few months, he is gorgeous single and has no plans to change his single status his brother and his sister in law and their little girl Lila live on the family ranch and Dex does everything he can to help them after Lila was hurt in an accident but when he runs into Cady Adams a spark starts up again after many years are they destined to be together?

Cady Adams has lived all of her life in Glacier Creek and after going off to California to go to a culinary institute and learn to bake the best cakes and pies in the land she is back in town now but there was one thing she wanted before she left and it had a lot to do with Dex McCoy but she left without getting it so when she runs into Dex there is a lot of water under the bridge between them and feeling that emotion between them flying from the pages is awesome.

Who doesn't love a firefighter and Dex has a few issues that need to be resolved and Cady is just the person to help him truly they are so made for each other the journey to a HEA is filled with ups and downs but is sensual and very moving. I do highly recommend this one MS Purman will pull you in and have you smiling of course it was fabulous catching up with friends from the previous books and the cup cakes that Cady makes well I want them all :)

5/5 stars for a great story

Published July 5th 2016 by Tule Publishing