His Mistress For A Week by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Helen

WOW MS Milburne knows how to write a story that gives the reader an emotional journey to a HEA one that will keep you smiling as you turn the pages I love the feelings that she brings out in me as the reader while I get to know the characters.

Clementine Scott, Clem as she likes to called has lead a pretty rough life growing up with her beautiful mother who flits from one man to another, Clem's father is not around and she has a half brother Jamie that she cares very much for. She has body image problems stemming from a terrible time at the age of sixteen although she is beautiful now she is still not convinced, she works hard with books old books collecting them and is always looking out for them. But when a blast from her past walks into the shop she is stunned and reminded of her teenage years Alistair Hawthorne was back in her life and when he insists that she accompany him to Morocco looking for his step sister who has run off with Jamie where will this lead?

Alistair is furious when his step sister runs off with none other than Jamie Scott he has not seen Clem of Jamie for ten years when is father has a fling with their mother but he needs to get is step sister back and there is only one person who can help and there is a spark when they meet again Clem has grown into a beautiful woman who appears to be strong but with a vulnerability to her how long will he be able to deny this pull?

Yes pick this one up sit back and enjoy you will not want to be disturbed while jetting across Morocco and getting to know Alistair and Clem and see them enjoy a very sensual journey that opens up a lot of wounds from the past but in turn helps them fall very much in love I do highly recommend this one it really does tick all the boxes that a beautiful romance requires I loved it.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: July 19th 2016 by Harlequin

Review by TashNZ - 5 Stars

Mistress for a Week is a passionately warm love story of two adults who have the worst parents in the world and have spent their adult life trying to rise above the rotten examples that were set for them.  Bought back together by their naughty younger siblings Alastair and Clementine take off to Monte Carlo to find the missing wayward teens. 

The past lives of Alastair and Clem were cleverly woven together and their love story was as equally spellbinding.  I enjoyed their thoughts and verbal sparring and I think the younger siblings were an enjoyable asset to the story.  It also showed you can’t judge a book by the cover because appearances can be deceiving.  Clem is a most imperfect heroine who spends her life looking out for everyone else.  I loved that Alastair helped her grown into the beautiful swan she was.  

It was refreshing to read a hero who wasn’t so macho and his inner caring bubbled up more than once. 
A lovely read full of interesting characters  who all deserve their happy ever after in the beautiful locations they were in. 

Review by Adel - 5 Stars

His Mistress for a Week by Melanie Milburne is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It is an uplifting story about Alistair and Clem reconnecting after 10 years apart, it describes how they break the mould and are respectable people despite the bad decisions both their parents made. 
The story grabs you from page one. I immediately fell in love with the characters, Alistair and Clem. Clem is insecure but extremely feisty, she stands up for those she loves and is very witty. Alistair is a strong “no nonsense” type of guy who takes charge of any and every situation, he is deeply caring and protective of the people he loves.
I literally couldn’t put this book down until the last page. I would highly recommend this book to all romance lovers who like an easy flowing story that is witty, fun, sizzling and has a happy ending. Well written, Melanie Milburne!

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"His Mistress for a Week" by Melanie Milburne is a wonderful read alone book that was a quick, enjoyable read. Clementine Scott knows what it is like to be humiliated because Alistair Hawthorne did that to her 10 years ago. When her brother, and his step sister go missing Alistair forces Clementine to help him find her with the threat that he would call the police on her brother and have him arrested for taking his minor step sister out of the country. Seems like old habits are hard to break and they find their way back to each other.

Review by Dottie - 5 Stars

Clementine Scott has such low self esteem she feels she will spend her life alone and only worry about taking care of her brother and sending money to her mother. Plans sometimes go astray and in this case they are totally changed. Alistair Hawthorne is responsible for his step sister Harriet and finds she has run away with a Jamie the brother of Clementine and has taken money and his car. He confronts Clementine and tells her she must go with him to find the runaways. Ms. Milburne always delivers a fantastic story and again she has written a story that will draw you in from the first page. Clementine had a humiliating situation with Alistair years ago when her mother was responsible for breaking up of his parents marriage so the last place she wants to be is with Alistair but he makes it impossible for her to refuse so they travel to find the runaways. Alistair is an amazing hero and after his initial anger he realizes how difficult Clementine's life has been and so begins a relationship neither thought would be. Love has a way of slipping in when you least expect it but Clementine's self worth is so low that the real thing may pass her for lack of believing in herself. Another fantastic book by an amazing author 

Review by Amanda - 5 Stars

There aren’t enough adjectives in the English dictionary to describe Melanie Milburne’s latest offering to Harlequin Presents. His Mistress for a Week swept me away from page one. The angst. The drama. The intense scenes. The provocative writing... It took my breath away! I savored every sentence. I growled expletives at Alistair, such a brute at first. I cheered Clem on when her razor sharp tongue and inward dialogue sliced Alistair to shreds—the dialogue between H/h held such weight. It provoked and it tantalized. 

It's been ten years since Alistair and Clem laid eyes upon each other. Then one day Alistair waltzes back in town and uproots Clem from her quiet, non eventful life. It’s a storm between her and Alistair who would not take no for an answer. But they’re but determined to have their own way but Alistair is convincing enough to persuade Clem in the most ruthless way. Want to know what happens next? Just imagine having these two hot headed and temperamental rivals together… Explosion. I thoroughly enjoyed this delicious story and highly recommend it to all fans of romance! You won’t be disappointed.

Highly, Highly Recommended
5 Stars

Review by Lynn - 4 Stars

A sexy take on an enemies to lovers story!

Ten years ago, an ugly confrontation happened between Clementine Scott and Alistair Hawthorne that was mostly based on raw emotions and mistaken intentions. She was left with the attitude that all men were horrible and she had no intention of ever having a relationship with one again, especially the arrogant Alistair!

Fast forward 10 years and she's approached by a seething Alistair again telling her that her little brother has taken off with his step-sister and she has to help him track them down. She resists having anything to do with him, but he doesn't give her any choice if she wants her brother to be safe.

As they spend time together, the true story of what had happened years earlier comes out and they forgive each other for the misunderstanding. They can't resist the attraction that is flaring up between them, so they decide on a a one week fling ... will either of them be able to walk away after just one week?

Reviewed by Nas Dean

HIS MISTRESS FOR A WEEK by author Melanie Milburne is an August 2016 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Clementine Scott had a humiliating night at the hands of Alistair Hawthorne ten years ago. But she would never ever let it happen again, would she?

Yet here she was. Forced to spend one week with Alistair while they searched for her brother. But she saw a new side to Alistair. Could she forgive him for the past? Because no matter how much she denied it, the attraction between them sizzled and scorched.

HIS MISTRESS FOR A WEEK would hook a reader in and keep her hooked right till the last page. You can’t imagine Clem and Alistair ever getting together but author Melanie Milburne brings them together convincingly by how they manage to work out all the differences and fall fast in love. The sensual and the emotional scenes shimmer and sizzle. And the fun come-backs in the story would keep you laughing along with them. Yet the emotions would keep you crying too.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.