Hold Me Cowboy by Maisey Yates - Cooper Ridge: Desire #2

Review by TashNz
4.5 Stars

I really liked the beginning of the story, what a fantastic concept and I loved how I gelled with the two characters instantly.  Agreeing to 12 days together with no strings attached i thought Sam and Madison had a fantastic journey together and it was really enjoyable watching them travel the rocky path of love.

I liked Sam and Madison had irritably danced around each other for so long when ever their paths crossed, i thought the author did a fantastic job capturing that, setting the scene bringing them together.  I liked their back stories and how both had made their own stories to be part of who their character was and I liked how the author got each character to believe in the other and see the best in the other despite their own view of the world.

Another reason I enjoy Maisey's writing is becasue she's fantastic at capturing emotion and when Sam told Madison he didn't love her, my heart literally dropped - because the scene was set up so well.

I found Hold Me, Cowboy to be a lovely Christmas themed read which didn't have a wasted word or conversation, it was filled with just the right amount of everything one needs in a good book.  This book is my second visit to Cooper Ridge and I will visiting more often for sure!