The Unforgettable Spanish Tycoon by Christy McKellen (Romantic Getaways #2)

Reviewed by Helen | 5 Stars

This truly is a romantic getaway a lovely story of second chance romance for beautiful English woman Elena Jones and handsome Spanish guy Caleb Araya why not join them in a trip to Barcelona and see where this journey takes them lots of emotions in this story that will have you smiling.

Elena first meets Caleb at University in Cambridge both are studying engineering and hit it of instantly they become fast friends with a comradery that brings them very close but Elena already has a boyfriend back home he is stable not like the whirlwind that Caleb is, so they go their separate ways Elena choosing the quiet stable way but did she choose correctly?

Caleb has been a loner most of his life so when he meets Elena and the become so close this opens up a new world for Caleb he is happy having fun and really enjoying Elena’s company and he is over the moon when she decides he will be the one but in the end he is left heart broken and angry and goes back to Spain and becomes a successful business man with his own company but she has taken his heart and he becomes a hard man.

So fifteen years later and Elena is running her own company and lands Caleb’s doorstep with a business proposition and what she finds is not the happy caring man she knew and their meeting ends up in a row. Caleb then has an accident that causes him to lose him memory what else can Elena do but step up to help because she has never forgotten Caleb and still feels very guilty. I loved Caleb and Elena’s journey to such a wonderful HEA it was so good to see Caleb return to his old caring self and come out from behind that wall that he had put up and to see the strength that Elena shows when standing up to Caleb. This is a story that I highly recommend fabulous thank you MS McKellen for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published February 1st 2017 by Harlequin Mills & Boon

Review by Lynn Brooks | 5 Stars

With the latest in the Romantic Getaways series, Christy McKellen brings us a story from Barcelona! It's a fast read and keeps your attention from the beginning. The characters are likable and draw us into their story and keep us hoping for that happily-ever-after!

Business woman Elena Jones travels from her home in England to see her old friend Caleb Araya in Barcelona with a business proposition. They were the best of friends for a time in college, with the hope of more until she broke his heart.

Caleb Araya is shocked to see Elena, and isn't open to doing business with her. He's never forgiven her for the cold-hearted way she ended things with him all those years ago and could never bring himself to trust her again. He's lived his life around never letting his guard down like that again!

When an accident takes away Caleb's memory from their time together, and happenstance has her nearby, he mistakenly thing they are a couple. She can't walk away when he needs her, so she keeps up the pretense. Will he forgive her when his memory comes flooding back or will he be done with her once and for all?

Review by Alexia | 5 Stars

"The Unforgettable Spanish Tycoon (Romantic Getaways)" by Christy McKellen was an enjoyable, quick read. I picked up the book and didn't want to put it down. Welcome to Barcelona where we meet Elena Jones and Caleb Araya, but are meeting each other again. First friends in college Elena broke Caleb's heart. She's come to do business with him, but he's closed off his heart. When a freak accident causes him to lose his memory will Elena be able to rekindle their friendship and be a good opportunity for her business? What happens when he gets his memory back? You'll have to read and see for yourself. 

Review by Cheryl | Loved it more than 5 Stars

This is another book in the Romantic Getaway series. Christy McKellen brings us this story from Barcelona regarding Elena Jones and Spaniard Caleb Araya. Will their hearts withstand the intense entanglement? Elena and Caleb started in college. Then Elena broke Caleb’s heart.
Elena is a successful entrepreneur but Caleb rejects her newest business proposition. He remembers how their hearts were broken and he never can trust her again. 
However, when an accident takes away Caleb’s memory and he mistakenly thinks they are a couple she cannot walk away from him, he needs her. Right? But when they are together is Elena running the risk of her heart being in jeopardy again.
Love all of Christy McKellen’s books and this one is for sure worth the reading. Love it more than 5 stars!

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

A truly lovely second chance at love romance.  Elena Jones and Caleb Araya's friendship started in college and he truly believed that the love he shared was reciprocated until he was devastated by the cruelty of her breakup.   Fifteen years later Elena confronts Caleb as she needs his partnership in a business deal, never realizing the hostility he feels for her.  Caleb won't be hurt again he has encased his heart and has vowed to never trust again.  When an accident robs him of his memory should she use the opportunity to help her business or will old feeling for each other come back to the surface.  Ms. McKellen touches all emotions with this story and you find yourself hoping that when Caleb regains his memory he will forgive and forget and find that he has always held her heart. Loved it.

Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE UNFORGETTABLE SPANISH TYCOON by author Christy McKellen is a February 2017 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Elena Jones needs Spanish Tycoon Caleb Araya’s company to partner with her for her business’s future growth. But will Caleb agree? After all once before Elena had trampled on his heart.
And an accident leaves Caleb with selective memory, dare Elena hope that he will forget the past and forgive her?

THE UNFORGETTABLE SPANISH TYCOON is a sweet romance about second chances and past regrets. Author Christy McKellen brought this strong heroine in Elena and a dashing hero in Caleb.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.