The Secret Heir of Alazar by Kate Hewitt

Review by TashNz - 5 Stars

Malik and Gracies story is one of reunited love and it's filled with rich descriptions of beautiful desert lands and palaces and the heartfelt emotion shines thru every page. 

Ten years ago Malik and Gracie meet in Rome and share a memorable night. Destined not to be together Malik doesn't discover the consequences until recently after receiving terrible news.  The Sultan-to-be needs Gracie and Sam to save his kingdom and he goes about convincing them to stay.

Three lives and hearts are on the line, battle for peace in Malik's world and the life changing moments for him create a story that is spellbinding and had me glued in one sitting.  A man of integrity and a man determined to do the right thing by his family makes Malik a wonderful and throughly interesting Hero. Loved Gracie and her happy nature despite what life had thrown her way.  I was racing thru the wonderfully woven tale because I couldn't contain my curiosity to how everything would be resolved and I was throughly entertained with the conclusion.

I am excited for book 2, I think it will be as incredibly detailed and perhaps even more emotive than The Secret Heir of Alazar.

Thank you Kate Hewitt for another wonderful, wonderful tale told!