HOT Addiction by Lynn Raye Harris

Review by TashNz | 5 Stars

Woken up in the early AM by the tail end of Cyclone Debbie passing through my end of the world I turned on my Kindle and decided to check out a chapter of HOT Addiction... since then it's been 3 days of feeding my addiction of getting through this book as soon as possible!

I absolutely loved HOT Addiction because the action was immediate, the "feels" were tapped into straight away, the suspense and danger were ramped up as each page passed and also because reunion stories done right (and this was done SO right!) hit me right where my lil reader's heart gets hit!

Dex is left shattered when Belle leaves him at the alter, seemingly for his high school competitive enemy.  He channels his hurt and anger by becoming the best Sniper he can be and has built up a little wall of hate around his heart with all things Belle, so when she comes to him 5 years later and begs for his help after her husband has been killed and she's being threatened, he laughs in her face and skids out the drive in a very excellent metaphorical "eat my dust" lady!

Of course, if Dex did keep his back turned on her, his and Belle's story wouldn't exist!

Very quickly the world of drama, high end action, suspense, lost love, passion, truckloads of emotion, feels, incredible dialogue and explosive climaxes (in more ways than one) unfolded as each page turned and I was genuinely sad to reach the end.

Quite possibly my fave in the series, I adored HOT Addiction.  I believed in Dex and Belle and I loved the extra suspense of who Belle's lil girl belongs to and the resulting dramas from there.  I can't quite explain but if you're still reading this I felt the emotion of every pivotal scene.  I felt Dex's pain and I loved his approach on all things.  I believed in him (having the cover helped hahah) and I really liked Belle's back story.

A fantastic set up for Col. Mendez and I loved the last line where I think I did a GASP out loud!

5 solid Jane-shooting stars!