Gift-Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress by Kandy Shepherd

Gift Wrapped in her Wedding Dress

Kandy Shepherd

Reviewed by Helen

Gift-Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress by Kandy Shepherd
This is one of those stories that will pull you in it is so beautifully written, emotional and heart-warming as Dominic and Andie journey a path to an amazing HEA.

Dominic Hunt had been through a lot in his life from a great life to a really bad one but he is a strong person and pulls himself out of that life to one that is now very rich in possessions but although he is a billionaire he is also a very private man and as such is treated pretty badly by the media know as scrooge and with Christmas fast approaching he needs to do something about it if he wants to close a big business deal. So he needs an idea a party perhaps so in walks a party planner that will change his life.

Andie Newman was determined to get this job the company she had started with her friends needed more work to give it the boost to keep going and this was a big one and meeting Dominic Hunt had Andie not so sure she could keep her cool especially when the wind blew and caused Dominic to smile, Andie had a wonderful family but had known heartache herself but she is such a caring person and with pride and confidence she wins the company party planners the job of changing Dominic's reputation and will it change Andie's life as well.

I love Christmas stories and this is one that will be re read for many Christmas's to come as Ándie does more that what would normally be done by a company and becomes Dominic's fake fiancé. This story will keep you smiling as Andie and Dominic learn so much about each other and Dominic shows what a great big heart he has the planning of the party is fun and the sensual pull between them grows stronger and when they finally give into the pull and their feelings it is such a beautiful part of the story don't miss this one it is on my keeper shelf it really is such a beautiful story.

5/5 star review for a fantastic story

Reviewed by Nas

GIFT-WRAPPED IN HER WEDDING DRESS by author Kandy Shepherd is a Harlequin Romance Series release for November 2015.

Dominic Hunt hires party planners on advice from his marketing manager to plan a party for him. It was to neutralize his Scrooge reputation. But he fired party planners before they even had a chance to tell him what they had planned. Yet when he faces the third planner, Andie Newman, he is blown away.

Then an emergency in Billionaire Dominic’s business forces Andie to say yes to fake engagement with Dominic. But could Andie keep her heart safe from the sensitive man she finds Dominic to be?

GIFT-WRAPPED IN HER WEDDING DRESS is a sweet romance filled with Christmas magic and miracle of the season. It would leave a reader sighing with pleasure because the romance between Dominic and Andie is so sweet and tender. Author Kandy Shepherd, once again created a spellbinding romance to touch readers hearts everywhere.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 

Review by Amanda

Who doesn’t love Christmas stories where mishaps and wrong decisions bring unexpected, polar opposite couples together? I sure do. Gift-Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress is one such story. I must praise author Kandy Shepherd for her simple yet beautiful prose. Easy reading is hard writing or so someone said. I like the entire setup. The characters were fun, the storyline spot on and the dialogue engaging. Gift-Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress tells the story of billionaire Dominic Hunt, a scrooge who doesn’t do Christmas and Andie Newman a soft-hearted, spunky woman who revels in everything about the Christmas season. Andie is hired to organize a party for Dominic during the Christmas season. But Dominic has his own agenda hosting this party. He needs to clean up his public image and he very well may be a control freak. But meeting Andie, working with Andie, having Andie’s opinions to guide him, Dominic doesn’t expect to lose his heart in the process. As the story unravels, the reason behind Dominic’s scrooge attitude comes to light—his pain—and this garners my compassion towards him. Andie heals the void deep in his heart, and his soul. Her touch, her kindness, her soothing words, her friendly tone, her simplicity envelopes him and just like the scrooge, Dominic finally accepts the season for what it is: a time to love, a time to share, a time to be happy, a time to be mellow, joyful and thankful, sharing every moment with family and friends.

Gift-Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress is a well-written, solid book with just the right touch of Christmas to add the glitter on top!