One Snowbound New Year's Night by Dani Collins

 Reviewed by Nas Dean

ONE SNOWBOUND NEW YEAR’S NIGHT by author Dani Collins is a December 2021 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Rebecca Mathews goes to find a missing pendent after being separated from Donovan Scott. After all this was the last opportunity before their divorce was final.

But getting snowbound with her estranged husband was getting to be a problem as the scorching chemistry between them flared. What would happen now? Could she give in to the passion between them?

And could Donovan manage to find out the secret behind Rebecca’s betrayal?

ONE SNOWBOUND NEW YEAR’S NIGHT is a sexy yet emotional romance. Author Dani Collins brought this story to live on the pages with stunning setting and diverse emotions on each page. This book is a pure joy to read.

Despite its darker moments of pain and grief, the overall message is one of unwavering love, hope and inspiration. A touching story full of humor and compassion.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


One Snowbound New Year's Night

Dani Collins

Reviewed by Helen

Dani Collins has pulled this reunion story off with a bang, this one is filled with sensual emotion as Rebecca Matthews and Donavan Scott spend a night snowbound at what was their home in Canada, it should not have ended the way it did with chemistry so strong it could have set the fireworks off.

Becca has arrived at what was her home to find something special to her, before the divorce is final on a marriage that she feels was a mistake, oh there was always a spark between them but did they ever really talk and work things out? Van seemed to need to be off training on the ski slopes and running away and Becca felt that is was time to end it all and she needed to be in Australia.

Van wants to see Becca one last time before things end and arrives at the house where they get snowed in but this time he wants to talk and work things out, you see loving has always been hard for Van, his family did love in other ways or not at all. The spark and pull between them is still there but it is also time now for honesty and opening up, no matter how hard that is for Van.

I loved this story the emotions run high as Becca and Van finally open up to each other in the way they should have years before, their love explodes in a night of sensual passion and feelings that finally bring them together. This is a beautifully written and told story that is perfect for any romance reader who wants to be swept away in a winter wonderland of HEA’s. This is one that I would highly recommend, Dani Collins is a must read author.

My thanks to the author for my digital copy to read and review.

5 stars
Published December 28th 2021 by Harlequin Presents