Dr Tall, Dark...and Dangerous? by Lynne Marshall

Reviewed by Nas

DR TALL, DARK….AND DANGEROUS? By author Lynne Marshall is a Mills & Boon Medical Romance series release for July 2012.

Nurse Practitioner Kasey McGowan had just been told that her biological dad, whom she’d never met have died of Huntington’s decease. It was a huge shock to realize that she needed to have herself tested as she could’ve inherited the gene. She kept herself busy at her clinic. Then in walked tall, dark and gorgeous Doctor Jared Finch. Sparks flew. The attraction was off the scales between them. And Kasey used the attraction between them to forget about the results of her test.

But Jared had his own entanglements. He was just looking for a bit of light fun. But how long could he satisfy himself with just exploring the attraction between Kasey and himself. He couldn’t deny that he wanted to protect Kasey. Could he do the commitment? And would Kasey agree to an uncertain future with him? What about Jared’s two children? And now that Kasey knew that she is likely to pass the genes to next generation, would she agree to marriage and children?

DR TALL, DARK…AND DANGEROUS? Has a unique mixture of emotional and sexual tension. It will enthrall readers as well as the tight plotting and master storytelling will captivate them. Author Lynne Marshall can be relied on to deliver an emotionally, compelling story that keeps readers engrossed from the first page.
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