High Octane : Ignited by Rachel Cross and Ashlinn Craven

High Octane: Ignited

Reviewed by Desere

Anyone and everyone who knows me knows that I have had a major addiction to the world of Formula one since I was a little girl. The adrenalin rush, the sound of the amazingly fast cars, and of course those to die for sexy ass drivers! My other passion of course is romance!

So when ever I hear of romance being combined with Formula one I am the first to shout out" Heck yeah I am so there!"

In the world of fast cars and even faster men, there are also the fast woman. In this read we get to meet and see just how fast the heroine Cass goes from broken woman to healed when she falls in to the arms of racing driver Ronan.

Only living life at the fastest and best possible aim is what it's all about for Ronan and no woman especially not Cass is going to steer him away from his goal of being the champion he has always known himself to be. It's racing his heart out, having spectacular sex, taking the win and moving on to the next set of races. But does is his heart really in it to win it, or has his heart taken a turn towards love and happily ever after?

I adored this read from the first page straight through to the end. The characters were brilliantly written, the authors incorporated large amounts of detail on the world of Formula one and so brilliantly it was if I was right there. I could feel the earth moving under my feet as the cars rev up ready to ride, I could hear the crowd go mad and I could taste the victory of each and every race.

The character of Ronan was excellent! I very much enjoyed this look into the life of a Formula one driver, so often I think we forget that our hero's behind the wheel are also human. They hurt, they get angry and they have to face challenges just like we do, they are most certainly not just there just for our entertainment, they drive because they have a passion for racing, and this passion for racing was exquisitely depicted by the authors, I could feel his heart beating faster as the lights light up and I could feel that adrenalin rush as he tears his way towards the finish line.

The character of Cass, broke my heart. I felt really sorry for her and the demons she has to face, but I adored how the authors sent her on a flying 120 mph lap towards regaining her life when she meets Ronan. It showed the character as very realistic as I think we all hit a roadblock in life at some stage the tricky part is getting past it is of course the real problem, but if we can find the speedy road to recovery then it is a win win, but only if you acknowledge the recovery beacon. If you don't then you will never get out of the slump and instead remain in the pits, waiting for a win that will never come.

I am taking away a message of life moves at a uncontrollably fast pace, and if you don't hold on for the ride you will fall behind. Grab the wheel and let go before you know it you will be crossing that ultimate finish line of happiness !

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads with scorching hot passionate nights, kick-ass awesome fast cars and a story of love found in a world of confusion, a totally, thrilling AWESOME read!

I very much look forward to taking another thrilling ride with these authors.

5/5 Star Review

" It's all about racing, sex and the win, until she and her silky blue kickers appear at the finish line"