From One Night to Wife by Rachael Thomas

Reviewed by TashNz

Serena goes in search of the father of her baby, a handsome Greek fisherman, to let him know the consequences of their night together. Just as she's about to lift off she finds out who he really is... billionaire shipping mogul Nikos. Nikos is furious, so sure that travel writer/journalist Serena must of known who he was and desperate to either snare him into marriage or worse yet, give his child away to her sister who so desperately wants her own child after so many failed attempts at IVF. Their childhoods force both Serena and Nikos to rethink their futures and how they are going to deal with the unexpected bundle of joy. Serena reluctantly agrees to marriage and is thrust into NIkos's glamous Greek world.

Serena's path to happy ever after is a tough one. Her family shapes her outlook on life and going out on a limb for her unborn baby she grasps Nikos offer. Nikos is a brilliant Alpha, taking charge and bossing Serena about in the most un-charming way and even though things soften, they lapse into a physical but loveless relationship. Serena loved fisherman Nikos with all her heart but Greek Billionaire Nikos is a completely different story and while physical relationships are fantastic, they can only last so long love isn’t reciprocated or hidden.

I really enjoyed From One Night to Wife, it's another fantastic addition to the One Night of Consequences series. Serena and Nikos are two complete opposites in so many ways and yet so similar in others. Their backgrounds shape them and to become one they need to do some soul searching and due to the brilliant and passionate writing, it was hard and emotional watching Serena try to show Nikos it was ok to let go and love. The setting in Greece was so beautiful, I was right there, looking out to the stunning views and visiting same tourist destinations Nikos took Serena to but the star of the show was the dialogue and the beautiful descriptive and passionate and emotive writing woven into a lovely story.

Harlequin Presents | Published August 2015 | One Night of Consequences Series


Reviewed by Nas

FROM ONE NIGHT TO WIFE by author Rachael Thomas is a September 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series.
Nikos Petrakis stormed out of Serena James life once but he could never ever forget the attraction he felt for her. For long after his body ached for her. But he kept firm about his no commitment rule.
Now Serena was back. Why was she here? Was there some consequences to their passion? But why wait three months to let him know?

Would Nikos stand by and let Serena walk away with his child, his heir? Then he proposes and Serena couldn’t really believe why would he choose her to marry? Could he let her in his heart to know the reason why he didn’t want commitment? Could he let her in his heart, ever?

FROM ONE NIGHT TO WIFE moves along very fast with thrilling dialogue. It is a wonderfully fulfilling romance written by author Rachael Thomas. I was hooked from the first page till the end. It’s a very fast paced story and filled with sensuality and emotional intensity. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 


Reviewed by Amanda

Shipping tycoon Nikos Petrakis and travel writer Serena James’ passionate affair three-months ago have resulted in life changing consequences. Serena is carrying Nikos’ baby. As a result of her pregnancy, Serena travels to Greece to inform Nikos she is carrying his child only to learn a shocking revelation just before boarding her flight—the fisherman who she’d shared hot, tempestuous nights with is actually a billionaire! When Serena finally meets Nikos on the beach, he questions her on whether she’d known who he was all along and has come to stake her claim. But Serena is innocent even as Nikos hurls accusations upon her. When Nikos suggests they get married, Serena knows she has no other choice. But as they get to know each other better, their physical attraction takes precedence and it is not before long that Nikos and Serena acts upon these shared feelings.

FROM ONE NIGHT TO WIFE by Rachael Thomas is full of angst, drama and high-strung emotions. The dialogue is strong and intense. The characters share strength, resilience and they are passionate people. Their self-will demands attention. Ms. Thomas paints a vividly descriptive romantic tale with her unique writing style and this novel’s distinctive plot is sure to keep readers turning the pages.

4.5 out of 5 Stars


Reviewed by Hina

A travel journalist on the island of Santorini (Greece), Serena falls in love with a local fisherman knowing there is no future for their relationship. But she is content that there will be enough memories that she can live her life thinking of those moments with her fisherman, Nikos. But not all goes to plan.

Though he is enamoured by the sweet Serena who does not have airs about her but still Nikos lies to her about his identity. He makes her believe he is a poor fisherman eking a living on the island and lives in a old, small, whitewashed house.

Finally it is time to say good bye and things get out of hand. Boom! And there are consequences.

Serena wants to tell her fisherman about the baby they have made and hopes that there might be a future for them after all. Before she boards the plane to Greece, though, she finds out the real identity of the billionaire who is her baby's father. A man she has not even a hope to live her life with. Still she makes good on her promise and goes to the island again to inform him face-t-face.

Nikos believes him to be a fool of the first order to have succumbed to Serena's seduction so that she can trap him to fulfill her family's wishes. Decides that no more will he be a fool and is determined to be his child's father. Determined to make Serena his wife. Is it love? He does not believe in such nonsense, of course.

Serena goes with the plan because dropping the father of her baby from their life is difficult for her irrespective of however her hear hurt. She did not want that pain for her baby.

Now all that remains is for Nikos to realise his love for his new family but is he up to the challenge.


From One Night to Wife

Rachael Thomas

Reviewed by Helen

This one is a story that I really enjoyed I loved the setting and I loved the hero Nikos Petrakis who is so tortured from his childhood that he is determined that he will never love because he can't he has built a big business as a shipping tycoon but always returns to the place he calls home the Greek Island of Santorini and works for a few weeks on his beloved fishing boats and this is where his life changes for him after meeting beautiful English girl Serena James who is a journalist who writes about holiday destinations.

Serena is very close to her sister but not her parents so has never gotten too close to any of her boyfriends so when she meets fisherman Nikos and there is an instant spark between them she gives herself to him and falls in love and they spend a very sensual two weeks together but after one very passionate night on the beach things end not so good for them and Serena returns home.

Three months later when Serena needs to return and tell Nikos that there were consequences from their last night together everything changes Serena realizes that there have been many secrets kept by Nikos and as she gets to know him better things get harder but Serena loves Nikos the fisherman but Nikos the business man is a different matter but after a very rough journey they both open up to each other and you will be smiling especially when Nikos realizes how much he loves Serena.

This is a story that will keep you turning the pages a beautiful story that is emotional heart-warming and very sensual and I highly recommend this one.

5/5 stars for a great story


Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"From One Night to Wife" by Rachael Thomas is a quick, classic romance read. Serena James had an affair three months before with Nikos Petrakis who was a 'fisherman.' When she shows up in Greece things are not all that they seem. Her fisherman is a billionaire, and he thinks that she waited too long to show up to tell him because she got pregnant on purpose.

Great read because if you're pressed for time and can't read the book straight through it's easy to pick up where you left off. Some books aren't like that. Much more to this story between Serena and Nikos but instead of me telling you about it you should read it for yourself.