Surgeons, Rivals...Lovers by Amalie Berlin

Reviewed by TashNz

New York City Docs is a series about four flatmates and friends sharing an apartment trying to be the best they can be at the prestigious West Manhattan Saints Hospital.  Surgeon, Rivals... Lovers is Kimberlyn's story.

An incredibly descriptive beginning leads the way to an edge of your seat emergency on the side of the road.  Kimberlyn whispers the steps through so she can do her job to the best of her ability and not be distracted with memories of her own past trauma.  Sprinting to the scene and assisting is Enzo, aka, Dr Chisel Jaw.  They work tirelessly on the scene and it's soon revealed both parties are surgical rivals... about to start battling it out in the residency program both vying for the same fellowship.
Surgeon, Rivals... Lovers is a fast paced and full of action story where I was so on the edge of my seat with everything going on.  Not just the story fits the fast paced category but the hustle of the hospital, the drive of the Drs desperately trying to climb the ladder, battling out every surgery and anything that may impress their superior.  Spending so much time together, even though they're rivals, Kimberlyn and Enzo can't fight their attraction to each other and this just adds to the chaos around them.
Fabulous medical romance.  I'm taking deep breaths, much like the ones you take after sprinting because that's how wrapped up I became in the story.  Sad to reach the last page.
An awesome addition to the 4 book series.
Harlequin Medical Romance published August 2015 | New York City Docs Series

Reviewed by Nas

SURGEONS, RIVALS…LOVERS by author Amalie Berlin is August 2015 release by Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Dr Kimberlyn Davis encountered a motor vehicle accident on her first day of work and Dr Enzo DellaTorro was there within a few minutes to assist her. She did know that she was in competition with Enzo at the new hospital for the same position. Would Enzo play underhand with her?
So who would finally win the position? Would Enzo sacrifice for Kim or would it be her to sacrifice?

SURGEONS, RIVALS…LOVERS is a very fast paced romance filled with medical drama. The setting itself is fast as it is in New York. I found the dialogue to be witty and fun. Author Amalie Berlin’s latest offering would touch every girl’s heart and make her root for Kim to find her happy ending as well as happiness for Enzo.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.


Reviewed by Helen

What happens when two very determined Doctors are aiming to win the fellowship offered in trauma surgery at a top New York hospital the sparks fly in more ways than one.

When Dr Kimberlyn Davis and Dr Enzo DellaTorro first meet at a road accident that has them both working hard to save someone's life and taking each other in, they are both impressed with each other's doctoring skills but there is something else there as well but both of these people have been through a lot in their lives and with sparks flying and getting hotter who is going to win or is falling in love with each other going to change how they feel.

This is a great story that will have you turning the pages it is emotional and sensual as both Kimberlyn and Enzo open up to each other the banter is great and it will have you smiling I loved the setting New York and a beautiful scene in Central Park will please enormously.

I highly recommend this story for romance readers who love medical stories and love seeing such a great HEA.

4/5 Stars for a great read.

Reviewed by Alexia 

"Surgeons, Rivals.....Lovers" by Amalie Berlin is a quick, medical romance read. Dr. Kimberlyn Davis comes across a accident scene and through her quick resources is able to get an accident victim to the hospital. Dr. Enzo DellaTorro comes upon the scene and isn't too keen that another Dr. is able to diagnose someone before he can.

Both Dr.'s are up for the same position at the hospital. In this story you'll find how the past affects the future, and whether or not they will have a happy ending.

Reviewed by Hina Tabassum

Dr Kinberlyn and Dr Lorenzo (Enzo) are both after the fellowship in Trauma surgery offered by Dr Ootaka.

Enzo had been the top contender till Kimberlyn showed up. Probably even after that as in his own words he does not consider her to be competition or a threat to him getting the fellowship.

They call a truce and stop being rude and mean to each other but it does not stop there. They meet, they talk and feelings develop. They develop to a point till the time they both start hoping the other gets the fellowship or a miracle happens and they both get chosen.

Not giving away the climax in here, but one thing I must mention is that emotional scars do way more harm than any physical scar can to the psyche of a person.

Reviewed by Cheryl Steckling

Dr. Kimberlyn Davis had a bad car accident and lost her friend Janie. She had to have several surgeries and deferred her residency to a year. She went to a new hospital where no one knew her and about the accidents. On the way to the hospital the first day she encountered an accident and stopped to help. Within minutes Dr. Enzo Della Torro was there to help her. She was in competition with Enzo for the same trauma surgery position at the hospital. Dr. Davis knew exactly how to take care of the accident victim and road with the ambulance to the hospital. Dr, Takeo Ootaka was the Dr. that took care of Mr. Elliot when the ambulance got him to the hospital and Dr. Ootaka asked Dr. Davis to help in OR. 

There was the competition between Kimberlyn and Enzo and sparks were flying also between them. He was intrigued with Kimberlyn’s scars and realized that her scar on her chest meant serious surgery. 

You will have to read to find out who gets the position at the hospital, if Kimberlyn and Enzo fall totally for each other. You will not be disappointed in reading this Medical Romance. 

Review by Robyn Rychards

Another thoroughly enjoyable read from Amalie Berlin! One of my favorite Harlequin Medical authors and this one doesn't disappoint! Two doctors competing for the same fellowship who can't seem to treat each other like the competition. I liked the hero and heroine, Enzo and Kimberlyn, and was anxious to see who would end up getting the coveted fellowship with Dr. Ootaka. The results didn't disappoint! Looking forward to her next release and highly recommend this one if you enjoy Harlequin's Medical line!

Review by Amanda

SURGEONS. RIVALS...LOVERS by Amalie Berlin will capture readers interest from the first page. Ms. Berlin has crafted a super sexy, super fun story that will have readers turning the pages in frantic need to know what happens next. The plot is brilliant and unique. The characters are flawed yet full of life, depth and passion...a RECOMMENDED summer read!

It has been all my pleasure to eventually see Enzo and Kimberlyn reaching their HEA.

Review by Lori Lee

This is a fantastic read, you will not be able to put down, emotional and captivating. Kimberlyn and Enzo come to know each other while both are determined Doctors that want to win the coveted fellowship, offered at a top New York hospital. I heartily recommend this story for romance readers who love medical stories, I was truly captivated from the first page.