Duchess by Annie O'Neil

Reviewed by Nas

DOCTOR…TO DUCHESS? By author Annie O’Neil is  August 2015 release by Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series. 

Oliver Wyatt came back home with no intention of settling down as the laird. But finding Dr. Julia MacKenzie running the small cottage medical clinic without much help or facilities was a surprise and a challenge for him. These were his people, they depended on him yet he was not there for them. Would he stay now? Could Julia entice the local laird to settle down?

DOCTOR…TO DUCHESS is a fast-paced medical drama. Author Annie O’Neil brought to live a gorgeous and sensitive hero and strong heroine readers would just love. 

Highly recommended for all lovers of medical romance.


Doctor... To Duchess  Annie O'Neil

Reviewed by Helen - 5 Stars 
This is a beautifully written story that will pull you in from page one and keep you up late and tuning the pages.

Dr Julia Mackenzie is now happily running the small clinic on the St Bryar estate after she is widowed eighteen months before she has started a new life with her 13 year old twins and is feeling very comfortable and has made many friends on the estate but things are all about to change for Julia as the Duke in waiting is coming home and her future is not so certain so she is rather shocked at their first meeting and the spark it started.

Dr Oliver Wyatt has returned home with big decisions to make and things are not made any easier when he learns of his mentors illness and his meeting with the new Doctor and the guilt that he has carried for many years which always gets stronger when he is home on a visit but these decisions must be made and as he really has no intentions of staying he wants to get back to his life with the Red Cross as a trauma Doctor.

This is an absolute joy to read a story that will have you smiling and crying the banter between Julia and Oliver is fabulous and the emotion that is shown by them both as they open up to each other and learn so much about each other and themselves brings them to such a beautiful HEA that will keep you turning the pages. The characters are so real they are almost jumping of the pages, this is a story that I highly recommend.

5/5 Star review for a fabulous story.

Review by TashNz - 5 Stars

Julia and Oliver fall (hahah) instantly for each other! Things pop and crackle and we're off! I really enjoyed this medical romance, i'm pretty sure it's my first from Annie O'Neil

A fantastic story which is full of brilliant dialogue, lots of action and drama and the author very cleverly written a plot that had me caught well up in it and I was flicking pages as fast as my eyes could take me! The hero Oliver and heroine Julia are fab match and I really liked how Julia was captured as such a normal realistic person with teenage twins. It's not often written about in books of this genre and really really I liked the addition of them. Sometimes kids are a distraction but not in this case. I loved the build up of the romance and I loved the medical themes bought to the story. I really invested in Julia's feelings and I really enjoyed the unique story of Oliver.

A brilliant Medical which I will be reading again.

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"Doctor....To Duchess?" by Annie O'Neil is a wonderful medical romance that is a fairly quick read. I picked it up and didn't want to put it down.

Dr. Julia MacKenzie is working at a small village clinic she is also a widow and Mom to 13 year old twins. Oliver Wyatt came back to town after doing some clinic work in other parts of the world. The two are thrown together from the start when Julia is trying to earn funds to keep the clinic going.


Review by Hina - 4 Star Review

A Fun Run

Yes, that is how it all begins! That is where Dr Julia and Dr Oliver meet.

The first eye locks and sparks everywhere. What they find out later is that they are on the opposite sides of a battlefield. But being who they are, they are always out there for each other and all the people of the little village that they both call home.

Though they are both passionate about what they do, they believe their paths to be so different as not to accommodate a future it.

Is that so? Or will love help them see right?

Loved the time spent in reading this one

Review by Cheryl Steckling - 5 Star Review

Oliver Wyatt came home with no intention to settle down and become the laird. He got the surprise he was not expecting. He found Dr. Julia MacKenzie and she was running the small cottage medical clinic with not much help. Julie was tough, independent and dedicated to her children and 100% to her job. Oliver has been away doing medical work across the country! 

When Oliver found that Dr. Carny was dying of cancer and that was hard to take. Dr. Carny had mentored Oliver and so his coming home brought back so many memories. These were his people, they depended on him and he was off doing some clinic work in other parts of the world.
When Oliver met Julia he fell for her instantly. There were so many questions like would he stay and take the title of Duke of Breckenshire or leave his land again. Julia knows she wants to St. Bryar’s Clinic from closing and does anything from filling out forms to organizing way to earn extra money to make improvements. 

Both Oliver and Julia are very passionate about what they do and yet in different parts of the country and need to discover that they can make it work. 

Review by Amanda - 5 Stars

DOCTOR...TO DUCHESS? by Annie O Neil is sure to grip readers attention from page one. Ms. O Neil's writing style is tight and poetic giving readers an instant grasp of the blossoming romance between Julia and Oliver.

Julia MacKenzie is tough, independent and dedicated to her children and her job. Dr. Oliver Wyatt, a duke in waiting, may have his issues but deep down he is a man with fine qualities, qualities Julia might not know of at first.

In the end would Julia give in to Oliver, the man who wants to shut down her practice?

Set against a medical backdrop, Duchess? takes you on a beautiful and fulfilling journey. Lots of drama, romance and emotional highs and lows moves the plot forward smoothly.

Recommended Read