The Sinner's Marriage Redemption by Annie West

The Sinner's Marriage Redemption by Annie WestThe Sinner's Marriage Redemption

Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

This is a story that is about sins and in particular envy when we get to know self made multi-millionaire Flynn Marshall and his desire to be a magnate that will be envied by many others and so far he is doing well but he now needs his final goal a wife that will complete his desires one that is beautiful and well connected and who better than Ava Cavendish the girl that he had known for years as his parents worked on the Cavendish estate Frayne Hall so Flynn works out how to win Ava and sets his plan into action.

Ava has had a dreadful childhood and at the age of 17 finally stands up to her domineering father and leaves to start a life on her own although she is close to her brother Rupert he is away Ava finds herself a job makes friends and gets on with her life never forgetting the last night at Frayne Hall and the help that Flynn had given her and how safe she felt with him.

Flynn had grown up on the estate his father was the gardener and his mother a cook their boss Michael Cavendish Ava's father was a very hard and uncaring man but not to his family he gave them everything and Flynn has always envied what he had and was determined that one day he would have all of that and more and started working hard and made it.

This is a story that is very emotional Ava is such a beautiful caring heroine who craved love she never wanted money or acknowledgment of what she does and Flynn who wanted wealth and acceptance into high society and this journey is sensual and heart-warming as we see Flynn win Ava over and he does everything he can for her he is caring and romantic thinking that she wants the wealth and jewels but as they get to know each other and Flynn finally sees what Ava really wants this is going to bring tears to your eyes and make you smile. It really is one of those stories where you want to push Flynn along to understand what Ava needs. Ava's love is so honest from the start and Flynn really does care for Ava not realising that he does love her but of course when she realizes how he has gone about getting her she is devastated but love wins through for both of them I highly recommend this one don't miss this one it is strong and emotional and very sensual story. I loved this one another fantastic story from MS West.

5/5 star review for a wonderful story of redemption


A woman's intuition is a very powerful tool, one we should always listen to, if things don't seem right you can bet your bottom dollar they're not right!  I think unfortunately us women are deep down genuinely loving creatures who always want to believe in the best in people and when we have our rose tinted glasses on our view of the world is usually far from the reality it really is!

Ava Cavendish has her rose tinted glasses on when she coincidentally runs into Flynn Marshall, 7 years after he rescued her from her spectacular crash in which she lost control of her convertible at 17... far from her father's garden and cook's son... now he is a businessman with the world at his feet.

Falling in love they quickly marry and life seems perfect until the little niggles start to the point where things get quite creepy.   Life appears to b
e mirroring that of her parents, Flynn has her dressing to the nines and be paraded in front of all the business associates he is wooing and being wooed by, when all she wants is her casual clothes and hang out with her husband and enjoy lazy Sunday's.  Her job is disestablished, but the kicker is the house Flynn proposes they live in...

I absolutely adored Annie West's latest release because Annie has taken a popular theme of rags to riches hero and put such a brilliant spin on it that I was captured through the entire book; getting slightly upset at life's little interruptions thrown my way so I couldn't keep reading.  I HAD to know how it all ended.

The emotion I felt was pure author skill!  Can you believe I felt the parallels were starting to get creepy.  Creepy! There's an emotion you don't usually feel reading a Presents/Sexy... Flynn was a fabulous hero and you could kind of work out his motives but yet there was still something not quite right and I wanted to praise Ava from the rooftops for slowly working out things weren't all flowers and daisies as her dreams hoped for... reality was slowly but surely knocking on the door and yet as a reader I was still hoping for a happy ever after.

The Sinner's Marriage Redemption by Annie West is a August Harlequin Presents / Mills and Boon Sexy Release.  It is part of the Seven Sexy Sins series and is, in my book, a do-not-miss!  A rollercoaster ride awaits!!!

5 stars from me

Reviewed by Nas

THE SINNER’S MARRIAGE REDEMPTION by author Annie West is a Harlequin Presents series release for August 2015.

Flynn Marshall wanted a perfect wife so he married Ava Cavendish but he didn’t take into account his attraction to Ava. And what a scorching attraction! 

Ava was poised and glamourous and looked completely at ease in his business entertaining. But he learnt too late that Ava needed respect as a person as well as love. 
THE SINNER’S MARRIAGE REDEMPTION is a shimmering tale of love and redemption. Author Annie West brought this fast-paced and feel-good romance that sparkled with red-hot sensuality, mesmerizing emotion and intense passion.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"The Sinner's Marriage Redemption" by Annie West is part of the series 'Seven Sexy Sins.' It is a read alone book. Great story, and an easy read.

Flynn Marshall is trying to prove himself in the business world, and his personal world. He grew up in a family that did not have money so he made it on his own. Ava Cavendish is from a wealthy background. They know each other from the past, and meet up again a few years later when Flynn is a self made millionaire. He marries Ava because of who she is and her connections. Ava falls for Flynn, but finds out that everything may not be as it seems.

Much more depth to this story but you will need to read it for yourself to find out what happens along the way, and if this couple can have a future.

Reviewed by Desere

I don’t know about other readers out there but I for one get super, super excited when I see Annie West’s name on the cover.

Her books are inspiring, magical and just amazing, sometimes so amazing I struggle to find the words to let the world know.  In this read we meet Flynn Marshall, he has three goals in life:
1.       A multimillion dollar business empire

2.       Acceptance in the highest echelons of society

3.       A wife to make him the envy of all men

Through pure ruthlessness he has achieved the first goal and he’s well on his way to achieving number two. As for number three, he reckons it should be as easy as take, make, win to rush the stunning, well connected Ava Cavendish to the altar. But Ava is no ordinary always saying I do for the sake of wealth and fame, kind of gal, she’s got a lot of spunk and she’s not going down the aisle unless things are settled her way.

I loved to hate the character of Flynn, ruthless to the core, but so darn charming I could not help but fall hopelessly in love with the guy.  I loved how he pushed Ava, almost very nearly to the breaking point, but him backing down at the right moment really was what made me go all gooey.

Ava was the character that broke my heart, I can’t very well tell you why exactly but I will say this, her past is one of the very worst!  But I loved her fire, always pushing for her ultimate happiness.
Now onwards to their journey, it was exquisite so much so that it was almost as if the book was pure sexy sin, laced with the idea of true love hiding in the shadow.  I loved the back and forth pull of emotions, the author certainly had me at well at the very start of the book.

The powerful message of life is life, it will always go downhill but eventually it will go uphill again, it’s a rollercoaster, the trick is to know when to get off and when to stay on and when to try a new kind of ride.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of Annie West romances, it’s so shockingly exciting it will feel as if you’re the one sinning instead of the characters getting a little too raunchy!

5/5 star review

“ Who says the high rolling life of a ruthless millionaire can’t be turned around?”