His Shock Valentine's Proposal by Amy Ruttan

His Shock Valentine's Proposal by Amy Ruttan
Reviewed by Helen

Loved this story set in a small town in Montana "Big Sky Country" named Crater Lake and what a picturesque place this is the setting is perfect for our heroine Dr Esme Petersen to runaway to and hide or so she thinks, things change when she meets the local Dr Carson Ralston this is his hometown there has been a Dr Ralston in this town as far back as it was named and he is not too happy about someone arriving and wanting his patients.

MS Ruttan pulled me in from page 1 with this story it has everything that a lover of medical romance wants in their stories two people that so badly need something good to happen in their lives and a spark that neither can deny. Carson has been hurt before with love and is not too interested in trying it again but when there is one emergency after another and ex partners arrive on the scene and they finally open up to each other this brings them even closer. This storey is moving heart-warming and emotional there is drama and a very sensual journey to such a beautiful HEA.

This is part of a duo about two brothers and I am looking forward to Luke's story MS Ruttan never disappoints me with her stories they are a must read they will have you smiling throughout and I highly recommend this one. The setting is just wonderful and Montana is now on my bucket list. I recommend that you grab yourself a beverage of your choice sit back and enjoy.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published February 1st 2016 by Harlequin Medical Romances



"His Shock Valentine's Proposal (Sealed by a Valentine's Kiss) by Amy Ruttan is a great, quick read. I loved it. Dr. Esme Peterson is new in town and hiding some secrets from her past. Dr. Carson Ralston was the only doc in town after taking over his family's practice until the sexy Esme decided to open practice across the street. They learn to work with each other and Esme's hidden medical talents become obvious even though she's trying to bury the past.


Esme and Carson, to begin with have a tussle over a patient. Not treatment but who will have the patient. It was a rather cute scene and, I believe, the right way for their relationship to begin.

Full of small fights where they both learn something about each other, their relationship is all about living in the moment but they sought of just blend into being one in a way that life without the other becomes unthinkable. But of course, they have to show the heroism and think they can stay away but love gets the better of them both.

A very cute love story I would call it. One that I thoroughly enjoyed.


His Shock Valentine’s Proposal by Amy Ruttan draws you into the story from page one. Ms. Ruttan’s talent shines on the page as she brings out the best in the characters and gives the story a fresh, dramatic touch. Add the flaws of Esme Peterson and her rival Carson Ralston—both doctors— with intense dialogue, dramatic banter and you have a page-turner. 

The secrets, the rivalry and the electrifying chemistry… His Shock Proposal is a treat for fans of Medical romances!

4 Stars


Touching story about a hometown guy having to compete with a new gal in town as town doctor.

Dr. Carson Ralston isn't happy when a new doctor comes to town and sets up shop right across the street from the practice his family has run since the town was founded years and years ago. He's given up a lot to stay in Crater Lake, Montana and keep his hometown safe & protected.

Dr. Esme Peterson needs a change, and decides Crater Lake will suit her just fine. She's in the final stages of getting her office set up when she meets Carson and realized he's a little put off by having competition. It doesn't take long for sparks to fly and them to start spending time together.

Will their secrets catch up with them before they can work out a happily ever after?


Ms. Ruttan makes the readers day with this lovely story of two doctors. Dr. Esme Peterson who is new in town with a past full of secrets and Dr. Carson Ralston. Carson has taken over his family practice and has been the only Doctor in the town, that is until Dr. Esme Peterson decides to open her practice across the street. This story has it all some secrets that Dr. Peterson is keeping and Carson, competitive attitude now that she is stepping on his toes. What starts out as working against each other turns into more when their feelings for each other come into play. Its a medical romance but a pure romance also. I so enjoy her books and this is another example of her wonderful writing. Part of her "sealed by a valentine's kiss" duo


Two doctors meet - Dr. Carson Ralston is operating the family practice after his father retires. He is the only doctor in the town. But then thing happen! Dr. Esme Peterson opens a practice directly across the street from his practice, some of his patients change to her practice and who does she think she is?
Both Carson and Esme have things (some secrets) in their backgrounds that threaten their forever happiness.

Both are aware of changes coming to Crater Lake, Montana and wonder what that means for them. 
Carson has a brother, Luke but he does not want the family practice. Luke went into the military and is also a doctor. He is older than Carson and he should have taken over the family practice. Luke prefers to be out in the woods, tracking bears or whatever he was doing up on the mountains. Carson had the love of his life until Danielle decided that small town family practice was not where she saw herself and broke off the engagement and left for the big city. 

Esme was from a big city and was a surgeon now trying to do a general practice in a small town. She hates Valentine's Day and with good reason. Her brother died on the day and she also had plans to marry Shane Draven on that day however got cold feet and became a runaway bride. Shane's father had been her mentor as she was training. She had a brother also, Avery but he died. Esme was 10 and Avery was 23 and they were in an accident on Valentine's Day and she had to put her hands in his chest to stop the bleeding, but his heart stopped. 

A landslide up on the mountain changed the lives for Carson and Esme. 

Amy Ruttan has done a wonderful job with the story, the description of the surroundings. Amy Ruttan has also written another book Craving Her Ex-Army Doc which is Luke Ralston's story. You will want to read it also.

Reviewed by Nas Dean

HIS SHOCK VALENTINE’S PROPOSAL by Amy Ruttan is a February 2016 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Esme Petersen was the new doctor in town, trying to build her practice and rebuild her life after a disastrous broken engagement and her frozen moment in the OR.

She met Dr. Carson Ralston, the only family practitioner in the town before Esme arrived. Sparks flew as Carson believed she was stealing his patients. Then they both discovered they had chemistry blowing their emotions sky high between them. Would Esme consider staying for long in this sleepy town? Or would she leave like Carson’s ex did? Could Carson trust Esme and open his heart to her?

HIS SHOCK VALENTINE’S PROPOSAL is a sweet romance amid high medical drama. I laughed at the witty dialogues. Author Amy Ruttan took her readers on an escape to small town Crater Lake with this story filled with emotions. As a reader I stayed glued to the pages till the last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.