Wanting Mr Right by Joanne Dannon

Reviewed by Helen
Wanting Mr Right by Joanne Dannon
This is such a good story it is fun sensual I loved the setting and the journey that Logan and Daisy travelled along with their ups and downs.

Daisy Roberts has turned full circle from her fast partying days as a beautiful model with attitude but a health scare can do that to people and feeling alone with only one friend Violet who has just married the love of her life has Daisy thinking that she wants change her life and fall in love and marry but she is struggling at the moment so when her friend with benefits Logan arrives and asks her to help him with a job and be his pretend fiance she takes it but with a few rules.

Logan Wentworth is a lawyer he has no time for a social life work is everything he needs to prove to his parents that he is the best and when a promotion comes up at work his PA suggests that he take a partner like the other candidates and the first person that comes to mind is his friend Daisy. This should be a good trip to Hong Kong the gorgeous and sensual Daisy the promotion should be his but life has a habit of throwing obstacles in the way.

This was a fun and thoroughly enjoyable story that had me hooked from page one Logan and Daisy came to life on the pages as they both used each other for their own needs but when being a fake fiancé can cause lots of stories to come out and trying to keep them as true as possible leads to some truths coming to the surface and both Logan and Daisy opening up about things in their pasts and what it is they both really want in life, you will be smiling throughout this story really Logan and Daisy are so made for each other. I highly recommend this one and I look forward to more in this series and of course it was great catching up with Violet. Thank you MS Dannon for another great story.

5/5 stars for a great story
Expected publication: March 31st 2016 by Clarendon 3 Publishing



Wanting Mr Right is an apt title because Daisy wants just that – Mr Right – and as everyone appears to be getting married and what not she thinks it’s time to change her partying ways.  When her on-off friend Logan comes along with a fake fiancée proposal it isn’t exactly what she envisioned but agree’s.  The last thing in the world Logan has time for is life!  Working 24/7 to try and get his dream promotion he needs a fake fiancé to seal the deal!

A fun, sassy, entertaining and very likeable story which had me sneaking peeks during the day when I should have been busy doing my exciting insurance work ;) 

Daisy is just like her name, fun, bright, sassy and just a joy and so entertaining to read.  She’s quite the opposite of Logan but her journey is delightful to read and kept me wanting to go back for more until I’d finished.  Logan is portrayed as quite the frustrating ass but I think that’s the point – he’s designed to be engaging in that kind of way and they played well off each other.   I loved Daisy’s character and loved how Logan got under my skin.

Wanting Mr Right is book 2 of the Alex Jackson Series, which I haven’t read but will lookup now.  This can definitely be read and enjoyed as a standalone.


"Wanting Mr. Right (Alex Jackson Series) (Volume 2)" by Joanne Dannon is the second book in this series and I enjoyed it as much as the first. It is a read alone or you can read the series. Daisy Roberts is at a slow time in her modeling career. She is looking for Mr. Right, love, and marriage just like her best friend. Logan Wentworth is her go to partner for sex but Daisy wants something else. Logan is looking for a good time, and a pretend fiance during a business trip to Hong Kong. We have a pretend fiance, pretend elopement, and rumors of a pregnancy. Sex is good between Daisy and Logan but is that all? Daisy could be looking into more than she bargained for. 


Just loved it.

A story that has scenarios and problems that are very close to real life happenings. Even the solutions are all too real.

Even though a romance, it is not a fariytale to be sighed over but a reality that is always in grasp.

I liked the first in the series but I simply loved the second one.


Logan Wentworth has one burning goal in life that is to be made a partner at his job. He will work any amount of hours and go anywhere to impress his boss to give him the promotion to the Hong Kong office. Sounds easy except everyone is either engaged or married and he fears they will get the promotion ahead of him. So simple find someone to have a fake engagement . So who else but Daisy Roberts would fit the bill she is a party girl and they have had a chemistry and have had an affair in the past so why not. Sounds great except Daisy doesn't want to be involved with Logan anymore it has no future and she wants to have a future with someone . So Logan uses as an advantage the fact that her modeling career is slow and her bank account is low. So ahead they go until both find that they enjoy being with each other. This is the second of Ms. Dannon's books and again she has written a lovely story that every romance reader will enjoy. She is an author to watch her stories catch you from page one. Enjoyed from start to finish


A fun, sexy read that will have you picking sides in no time flat!

Logan Wentworth is a cold, business-minded lawyer who is only interested in working as many hours as possible and making partner soon. He isn't interested in friends, family and most of all love, which he doesn't even believe in. When he suddenly needs a fake fiance to impress his boss enough to give him a promotion, he can only think of one person for the job.

Daisy Roberts has a past of being a rude, self-serving party girl, but she and Logan have been occasionally hooking up for years, so he knows they have the chemistry needed in order to pull off this fake fiance ploy. Daisy isn't interested in seeing Logan anymore because she's gone through several changes in her life and wants the happily ever after more than ever. They both know she won't get that from him, but he convinces her he can help her with a new business venture if she does this one little favor first.

What he doesn't expect is how much being with her all day long every day makes him really enjoy her company. Will they still part ways when this is all done, or has playacting a happy couple rubbed off on Logan more than anyone knows?


Daisy Roberts was a supermodel and Logan Wentworth's career meant everything to him. They were friends with benefits.

Logan wanted the next high promotion of the Hong Kong office but one thing was standing in his way. He was single and all the other guys were married or engaged.
Daisy was in a slow spot. Her modeling career was not what it used to be and it showed up in her bank account. 

Logan and Daisy were really good in bed together. Could they fake an engagement for a couple weeks and pull it off for Logan’s boss. 

While Logan was doing business type work in Hong Kong Daisy was doing shopping and talking with the other gals and sort of let it drop that her and Logan was already married but would need another bigger wedding cause they had just eloped and his parents were not pleased. Then somehow the subject of babies and pregnancy was brought up while shopping in the baby section and next thing Daisy said is that she is pregnant. All to keep the baby rumor away from her best friend who had just got married to a Superstar. 
Joanne Dannon has a wonderful flair for writing a sizzling love story in an exotic location. Daisy and Logan are an awesome couple.

Reviewed by Nas

WANTING MR RIGHT by author Joanne Dannon is Book 2 in the Alex Jackson series.

Logan Wentworth wanted a fake fiancée so he asked his friend Daisy Roberts. Now together as a couple, could they turn this to reality?

WANTING MR RIGHT is a fast paced thrilling read. And it takes you on a whirlwind tour to exotic locations. You get romance, emotional drama and some light and funny moments too in this story. Author Joanne Dannon is turning out to be a writer to be watched out for. She brings her characters alive on the pages and I was kept enthralled till the last pages.

Highly recommended for all readers for romance.