Bought by Her Italian Boss by Dani Collins

Bought by Her Italian Boss by Dani Collins
Reviewed by Helen

If you love a story that will burn up the pages with a sizzling sensual affair between a handsome Italian banker Vittorio Donatelli and gorgeous staff member Gwyn Ellis then this is the book for you sit back and enjoy and you will not want to be disturbed.

Gwyn Ellis has landed herself a promotion from her job in the Donatelli bank in Charlestown USA to Milan Italy head office and she loves her job and has a slight crush on the second in charge, she works hard but still wonders why she was given this promotion and is starting to find a few irregularities with one of the charity accounts she looks after. So when she is called before the employment relations department things start to go downhill for her and then in walks Vittorio Donatelli 2nd in charge asking questions and taking charge, Gwyn's life as she has know it is just about to change forever.

Vitto is honourable and loyal and loving to his family and the family bank but he has a dark secret that must be kept no matter what and being single and playing the field suits him fine but when a major scandal is just about to break that could cause problems for the bank Vitto steps in and the woman that sends sparks through his system is very much involved so it will be up to him to prove she has been framed and get her to help with the investigations and keep scandal to a minimum but the only way to do that according to Vitto is for Gwyn to become his mistress.

WOW what a story this one is I flew through the pages as Gwyn and Vitto journey to such a beautiful HEA this one is steamy and sensual it is also moving and emotional as the strong and determined Gwyn can still be strong even with everything she has been through the caring side of Vitto that shows through this alpha male with have you sighing as they fall in love. I can highly recommend this one it is a fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable read. MS Collins does know how to write a story that you will not want to put down.

5/5 stars for a wonderful story

Published June 21st 2016 by Harlequin

Reviewed by Nas Dean

BOUGHT BY HER ITALIAN BOSS by author Dani Collins is a July 2016 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Only her boss, Vittorio Donatelli had a suspicion that Gwyn Ellis may have been framed when she was defamed by her compromising photos posted online as being sent to a married client. And Vittorio would do anything to safeguard his family bank and its reputation. So he hit back by releasing information that Gwyn was his lover.

Gwyn felt all her hard work slipping from under her feet so she went along with his plans, though fighting him and the attraction she felt for him every step of the way. 

Read BOUGHT BY HER ITALIAN BOSS to see what happens when truth triumphs and Gwyn is found innocent. Would Vito and her love affair be over now that justice has been done? I had serious doubts how Gwyn and Vito would ultimately reach their happy ever after as Vito had huge secrets he was keeping from her. Then when Vito tells her to leave, I knew it was all over, yet how they ultimately come back together is a pleasure to read and savor.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 

Review by Amanda

Bought by Her Italian Boss by Dani Collins is the reason why I love Harlequin Presents. Sexy, angsty, scandalous and full out entertaining, this is surely the book to be in your hot little hands! Ms. Collins writes with such detail that her characters come to life on the page. You feel the raw emotions through engaging dialogue and detailed back story. The descriptions were vivid and this novel, on an overall basis kept me hooked from beginning to end. Vittorio Donatelli and Gywn Ellis are perfectly imperfect characters you grow to love. Their romance is oh so steamy too! Gywn works for Donatelli International Bank, a company that has been in Vittorio’s family for many years. It is Vittorio’s family heritage. So, the last thing he needs is having compromising photos of Gywn, his employee, plastered on the internet. This could ruin the bank’s reputation. He is prepared to do whatever it takes to clear the air in order to protect his business’s public image. So he makes Gywn his mistress. What he hadn’t bargained on though were the sparks that ignited flames of desire between him and Gywn. But can he create a life with Gywn when his fears are ever constant at the back of his mind?

Highly Recommended
5 Stars

Review by TashNz - 5 Stars

Another dramatic story from the pen of Dani Collins which ticks all the boxes, again.

Great opening, tick. Interesting characters, tick. Great plot, tick. Page turner, tick. Don't want to put down, tick. Sad to finish but happy at the conclusion, tick tick tick.

Accused of fraud, having an affair with a married man and having intimate pics posted on line, Gwyn's day is starting out pretty bad. She's whisked away by Vito while the company figure out what on earth is going on. So Gwyn has to drop everything, as well as plead her innocence and help restore her reputation all the while realising that working closely with Vito is doing her head in, for all the wrong reasons.

A true Harelequin Presents world which Dani is so talented at creating. I love getting lost in her amazing stories that are so so far removed from my world. I love the drama and the tension she makes me feel along with the beautiful locations we're in. I love the plots and the openings which have you on the edge of your seat while you ride it out.

Thank you for another amazing story Dani.