Wedding Date with the Army Doc by Lynne Marshall (Summer Brides #$2)

Wedding Date With The Army Doc (Harlequin Medical Romance) by Lynne Marshall
Reviewed by Helen - 5 Stars

This is such a good story moving and emotional as MS Marshall Takes on a subject that can be controversial and she has done this so well truly this is a story that had me turning the pages.

We meet Pathologist Charlotte Johnson she is very pretty she is a caring and hard working person she is also single and aims to stay that way after her fiancĂ© walked out on her after she had an operation that she had thought a lot about and decided that it was the best thing to save her life but it is also a major life changing operation but Charlotte is positive, you see she lost her Mum when she was young to breast cancer and that pushed her into the job that she loves and her decision. But when she meets Dr Jackson Hilstead Charlotte’s life is about to change and in such a beautiful way.

Dr Jackson Hilstead has moved to California left everything behind in Charlestown to start a new life divorced and getting over PTSD after being badly injured in Afghanistan Jackson has a prosthesis and the couple of woman he has gotten close to since moving shy away and with two sons already children and marriage is not what he wants but he is drawn to the beautiful pathologist Charlotte this could be what he needs to bring out the best in him again and make him happy.

This really is a must read story it is beautifully written the caring and loving Charlotte and Jackson are so drawn to each other but with scares from their past it takes a bit of time for them to take the plunge to find true love. Charlotte’s decision to have the surgery is handled so well I shed some tears but was smiling throughout this one, the scenery is fabulous as well. I highly recommend this story I loved it. It is part of a small series Sumer Brides but can be read as a standalone but I am looking forward to the other one in this series.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: July 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical


Review by TashNz - 5 Stars

I've just recently said that Lynne Marshall writes stories that are not always the norm for this type of genre and I feel she approaches her stories with such a solid depth that you always have a big sigh at the end of the story. 

A GOOD big sigh, especially for Wedding Date with the Army Doc; it represents the emotion of the journey taken on as a reader; it represents the tears that may have been quietly shed during the book, either because things written you can relate to or just because you're all caught up in what you're reading; it represents the happiness of the two characters, in this case Jackson and Charlotte, who achieving their happy ever after and it represents true appreciation of the hard work it must have been to write such an emotional story with a double whammy of heartbreaking topics.

Both topics are approached with caring and sensitivity as well as boldness and I loved how both Jackson and Charlotte got to know each other and liked how the inevitable was handled. I applaud the story and the choice to write about such topics.

I recommend this story if you are looking for something special.

Review by Amanda - 4.5 Stars

I am never disappointed when I pick up a Lynne Marshall medical romance. Ms. Marshall tends to bring out the best in her characters by delving deep into their pasts, torturing them with the demons they’ve locked away in their dark forbidden closets. In Wedding Date with the Army Doc we meet Charlotte Johnson, a woman who knows pain from the inside out. She has put dating on hold after her surgery. However, when Dr. Jackson Hilstead walks into her life, Charlotte couldn’t help but register the butterflies in her stomach. Could she start dating again if it involves the hot doctor? Jackson is sexy and brilliant at his job but beneath his outward charm is a man who life has beaten and bruised over the years. And Charlotte may very well be the balm Jackson needs to heal his broken soul. Overall, I think Ms. Marshall has done a fine job bringing together Jackson and Charlotte. These two characters compliment each other. They bring out each other’s best qualities. And their journey through the ups and downs makes this book a worthy read.

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars

Review by Hina -4. Stars

This book about imperfectly perfect people by Lynne Marshall is all about how life does not stop when tragedies happen. The story talks about the idea that people are beautiful and whole even when a body part is missing because a body part does not a person make.

I'd have rated it a 5 on 5 if not for the fact that both of them had body image issues. Both had some part missing. It felt as if they understood each other because they have been through the same (albeit differently) process of losing something of themselves.

It would have packed more of a punch if one of them did not loose a body part and still understood what the other went through.

Thus, making it a 4.5 for me

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"Wedding Date With The Army Doc (Mills & Boon Medical)" by Lynne Marshall is part of the series 'Summer Brides' but it also a read alone book. In this story we have Charlotte Johnson, who has overcome an operation, and Jackson Hilstead who is drop dead gorgeous. He invites her to a family wedding and that just gets Charlotte to thinking about the future. The only problem is that Jackson needs to concur his past in order to move to the future. It's a great, quick read.

Review by Cheryl - 5 Stars

Whenever I pick up a Lynne Marshall book I know I will enjoy. This is a must read for sure. 
Charlotte Johnson is a pathologist and had an operation that left her feeling different about herself. She had both breast removed and her fiancĂ© could not deal with that. So she has been very leery of any man as she feels that she is not whole. She did it to prevent cancer and yet now she wonders. 
Dr. Jackson Hilstead moved to California leaving everything behind. He was injured in Afghanistan and suffered from PTSD. He wears a prosthesis which turns most women off. 
However, he finds Charlotte and realizes she has lost a part of her body so she might understand him better than anyone else. Plus, he would understand her also. They move slow and steady.
Body parts missing does not mean no love, hope you will enjoy as I did.

Review by Dottie - 5 STars

Charlotte Johnson spends her life in her pathology lab living the life she feels she wants. She has decided that there is no HEA for her and there will be no husband or children in her future. Enter Jackson Hilstead a surgeon in her hospital and someone she really has feelings for, feelings that she thought she put away forever. Take these two people with secrets of their own and put them together and find out that plans sometimes go astray which will when Jackson asks Charlotte to go to a family wedding with him. Charlotte had made a lifesaving decision she must live with and Jackson has a medical secret also. Both find out that love doesn't change for a medical issue. Ms. Marshall always writes such lovely stories and this is an example. She puts two people feeling they will go the rest of their life alone in touch with each other enough that nothing can stop the course of love