The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize by Maisey Yates (The Billionaire's Legacy #8)

The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize by Maisey Yates
Reviewed by Helen

What a fabulous end to this series and Maisey Yates has put the icing on the cake with this one, it is now Alessandro's turn to get his beloved grandfathers last lost mistress back his lost love and to do this he must visit the exiled Queen Lucia of D'oro in the small country of Aceena where Alex's life is about to be turned upside down in such a good way.

When Alex arrives he is greeted by a young woman who appears to be owl like but there is something about her that draws him in she is a little feisty and stands up to Alex by saying that her grandmother is not available but of course Alex is nothing if not business like and determined to please his grandfather and the meeting goes ahead.

Gabriella D'oro has lived with her grandmother most of her life does not travel she is a complete blue stocking and wallflower and she loves it that way she studies history and art but the minute that this tall dark handsome stranger walks into her home Gabriella starts to feel sparks that are very new to her.

This really is a fabulous story it is sensual and moving there is drama a mystery and of course we finally get the full story of Giovanni's Lost Mistresses and what a very enchanting story that one is but of course this one is about Alex and Gabby and they travel a very sensual and magical path as Alex the monster (so he says) becomes Alex the lover and Gabby the wallflower becomes Gabby the beautiful. This one is sure to leave you smiling absolutely fabulous thank you MS Yates for a keeper it really does tick all of the boxes for a great romance.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: January 17th 2017 by Harlequin Presents Large Print

Review by TashNz | 4 Stars

A fantastic ending to a wonderful series which I absolutely adored and couldn't get enough of.  The mystery of the Lost Mistresses was solved and I am very happy with how that all panned out.

Maisey Yates has done a fine job of delivering what might be one of the most anticipated books of the series.  I love the mystery behind locating the last mistress, the drama and the intrigue.  I loved the way the last mistress was bought back home and I loved the little surprise appearance by a special character.  I really liked Alex's portrayal, it was true to his reputation and I really liked Gabby as a character and her outlook on life.  

Thank you to Maisey for concluding the series in such fine fashion and to each and every author who contributed to the Di Sione series, it was absolutely wonderful and I devoured each story!

Review by Lynn Brooks | 5 Stars

A satisfying conclusion to The Billionaire's Legacy series! We've been seeing all of Giovonni Di Sione's grandchildren be sent off to hunt for one of his "lost mistresses", a sentimental object that meant a great deal to him that he wanted to see one last time before he dies. With this story, Maisey Yates brings us the story of the last grandson, Alex and we get to learn the story behind it all finally. Alex and Gabby had a fun depth to their relationship when they first met with neither hesitating to speak their mind, therefore bringing a good bit of humor to the plot.

Alessandro Di Sione is the last of Giovonni's grandchildren to be asked to hunt a treasure down for him. He knows what's been tasked to his siblings, so he's been expecting his time to come. Now he's being asked to find a painting that is only rumored to exist, and is beneath a shroud of royal scandal.

When Alex shows up asking about the painting, the Queen sends her granddaughter Gabriella D'Oro to accompany him on his search for it to their old estate on Isolo D'Oro. Alex is the cold, uncaring member of the family and he doesn't hesitate to show Gabby that side of him during their journey, but she gives attitude right back to him and amused, he actually likes it. Can she get him to see that the past that haunts him isn't the man he is today or will he continue to punish himself and withhold any happiness from his future?