The Sheikh's Convenient Princess by Liz Fielding (Romantic Getaways #4)

The Sheikh's Convenient Princess (Romantic Getaways #4)
Reviewed by Helen

MS Fielding has done it again written a story that will take you on a magical journey where we get to know a handsome Sheikh and the life he leads and get to know how caring he is I have to admit I do have a very soft spot for a Sheikh and Bram ticks all of the boxes and sends tingles up my spine.
Sheikh Ibrahim (Bram) al-Ansari has lived in exile from his family after disgracing himself five years ago he was a great sportsman and all round good guy but suddenly he made this mistake and he pulls himself out of the limelight and leads a life of hard work. But when there is a chance of reconciliation with his father that he really wants but that means a chosen bride, Bram decides to take a risk and choose a convenient Princess his new temporary PA MS Ruby Dance and makes her an offer that she decides to take.
Ruby Dance is the best PA around and works for an agency she is one of The Garland Girls and she only works temporary for clients for a reason she has secrets that she keeps close and does not talk about so when she is suddenly sent to the small country Qa’lat al MinaĆ” to help out Sheikh Ibrahim her life is about to be turned upside down and their first meeting is so good Ruby is such a strong heroine caring and vey attuned to what is going on.
This is such a lovely story beautifully written the scenery is fabulous the hero and heroine Bram and Ruby come to life on the pages they are smart and caring their journey is sensual and moving as both open up about their pasts and fall deeply for each other and what a courtship they are going to have. Thank you MS Fielding for another keeper I loved this one

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: February 7th 2017 by Harlequin Presents

Review by TashNz | 

Liz Fielding writes with depth and maturity of an author who knows her stuff which in turn makes for an story which has depth of characters mixed with an exciting plot full of exquisite places, words and feeling.

Bram and Ruby are the stunning characters for a convenience marriage story which swirls of love and romance that left me with a smile! The plot may be standard but the way everything is described and laid out make it amazing and a read that you're sorry to finish. Their background stories were enjoyable and their path to be together was well deserved.

Liz writes a wonderful Sheikh and I highly recommend this book to all romance lovers.

Review by Lynn Brooks | 4.5 Stars
A really fun connection between the main characters makes Liz Fielding's upcoming release a joy to read. Not only are we watching a romance spark, but we catch ourselves smiling quite often at the sass this couple shows towards each other. Really enjoyed them! The only thing I was left wanting was a little more time with them!

Once banished from his home country, Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ansari knows he can't return home without a bride on his arm unless he wants to be forced into marriage with the woman his estranged father has chosen for him. He lucks into the fact that his new temporary assistant fits his needs to a tee and has agreed to a temporary marriage of convenience!

Ruby Dance has her own painful past that she lives every day running from, so if she can help Bram to rectify past mistakes and reunite with his family, she is all for it. Neither of them expect to actually fall for each other when they are spending time preparing for their trip, but when it happens, will they decide to make their marriage a real one?

Review by Cheri | 5 Stars

Can it possibly happen…From the Sheikh Secretary....To the Sheikh’s wife?
Ruby Dance prefers to work temporary secretary jobs. She has been cheated on by her last boyfriends and now avoiding all commitments. When she has been sent to fill in for the secretary who was working for Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ansari as his regular one had suffered serious injuries and yet when the Sheikh needs her for more than his secretary she thinks of her family and what this promotion could do for them so she says yes.
Sheikh has not been in good graces with his father and to get back he must marry his father’s choice of bride for him but if he gets married before meeting with his father that would save him from that choice.
Sheikh has a history of being a play boy and Ruby knows this. He needs that instant wife and she consents to being that. 
When the need for the wife no longer is needed, will Ruby be able to walk away as she is very interested in the Sheikh? Will the Sheikh be able to walk away from Ruby too?
Liz Fielding once again writes a love story worthy of more than the 5 stars I was able to give it. 

Review by Alexia | 5 Stars

The Sheikh's Convenient Princess" by Liz Fielding is an enjoyable, quick read. Sheikh Ibrahim al-Ansari was banished from his country and can only return with a bride since he refused to marry the woman his family wanted him to marry. Ruby Dance comes into his life and becomes the convenient bride to be, but she is fighting her own personal issues. Love will find a way.

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

Disgraced, disinherited and exiled "Bram" Aka Sheikh Ibrahim is summoned home for his fathers birthday.  Its an opportunity to mend the breach between them but it comes with secret deal, he is to marry a women chosen by his father.  Ruby Dancer comes to work for Bram as his PA when his gets injured skiing.  She has a past that left scars so being a temp PA works for her as she is always on the move. The scenes between the two of them will have you smiling and you will become totally immersed in the story. What transpires from this point is such a wonderful story that you have to read without spoilers.  Lets just say Bram and Ruby will find out that sometimes two wounded souls can be healed by the love they never thought they would find.  Ms. Fielding has written so many fantastic books but I think this is one of my favorites and I believe you will also , and also find yourself feeling for Ruby and  falling for Bram.  A keeper.