Royal Baby Collection by Various Authors ~~ Overview

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                                                    The Royal Baby Collection 
                                              The Celebration of Royal Babies From 
                                                              All Over The World

Overview by Desere

Babies, babies and more babies! The series is all about how the royal's from around the world find themselves suddenly thrown together by the power of a new life.

From the the very far corners of the world six talented authors bring us the short stories of six couples who all have each have one incredible night that leads to a lifetime of happiness, but only after all obstacles have been cleared, and there are many, tradition, laws, arranged marriages, no talk of love, past hurt and anger it's all there!

In Sheikh's Baby Bombshell by Melanie Milburne we meet Abby, out on the prowl for one night of incredible hot sex with a stranger to ward of old memories and pain, what she finds is Talib. He turns her life upside down in and out of bed. But Abby is not up for settling for marriage without love.

In His Pregnant Mistress by Maisey Yates we see how Princess Alys who one night gathers all her courage and goes after the man she loves, only her bodyguard Liam is not interested in her heart he is only there for her body, and this princess will have to offer up everything to prove a point.

In Scorsolini Baby Scandal by Lucy Monroe Kiki and Mich each hide their royal titles in order to be loved for who they really are, but when the truth is revealed it might destroy or cement their relationship , only their love for each other will show the way forward.

In The Queen's Nine Month Scandal by Abby Green the pure pressure of being ruler of a country since the age of nine and always being guarded and never truly alone leads Queen Analia to run for one night straight into the arms of Daniel. The no names mask remains on game of incredible sex turns to a very real problem instead of a memory when the Daniel opens the newspaper to find a headline : Virgin Queen Pregnant.

In The Accidental Heir by Susan Stephens we meet Princess Astrid, she went from barely getting by every month to luxuary beyond her wildest dreams. But with her new found magical life comes responsibility to bare a heir, the royal council does not care how or with who , she just needs to get it over with. So when Prince Karl comes along she can hardly resist but will he think she trapped him just because she had no choice or does the Princess truly care?

In His Royal Love Child by Lynn Raye Harris tells the story of young lovers being reunited. But Charlotte is not her mother and being mistress to Prince Luca, she simply will not share the man she loves with another woman, only when she is carrying a part of Luca how can she not take him anyway she can have him. Love is  the strongest emotion.

The books can be read as stand alone's in any order and do not link into each other. In some of the reads I found the author used secondary characters from previous books. Each book contains between five to nine chapters, very short chapters and therefore does not take longer than twenty to thirty minutes to read.

Very entertaining, passionate, sensual and sexy reads, each one great for a afternoon pick me up read!

His Pregnant Princess                    Sheikh's Baby Bombshell (Royal Baby Collection)                Scorsolini Baby Scandal

The Accidental Heir                       The Queen's Nine-Month Scandal                      His Royal Love-Child