Husband Heel by Louise Cusack (Husband Series #3)

Husband Heel by Louise Cusack
Reviewed by Helen

This is a steamy hot and sizzling story about a Rose Bay socialite her three best friends and the bodyguard that is keeping her safe after her ex-husband Marcus Knight (well nearly ex-husband )gets himself into trouble.

Louella Knight is wealthy and can come across as standoffish she grew up in the country with parents that were anything but loving she is emotionally scared from her childhood but she has made three friends that she loves and would do anything for Jill, Angela and Fritha who we have met Jill and Angela have had their HEA beautifully I must say and now will Louella finally find love and happiness and really good sex with her bodyguard the one with that tattoo and the body to go with it?

Nicholas Aston comes across as a quiet man he shows strength and is most polite and caring and has been keeping Louella safe he is so attracted to Louella but he must keep his job and pleasure separate. He also has some issues from his past and he has secrets that he has kept from Louella for a reason. Her safety is so important to him and with danger lurking when Marcus is kidnapped and a ransom demand is made he moves to the room next to her to keep her safer. How much longer can he keep his thoughts and feelings to himself?

I loved this one from start to finish so many emotions and feelings are jumping off the pages and the sex is hot and sizzling as Louella finally finds love with the right man and of course Nicholas needs Louella as much as she needs him and there are many ups and downs to go through before they get their awesome HEA. The settings are wonderful and the love that these four girls share and what they would do for each other is beautiful, bring on Fritha's story I am sure it is going to be a fab story. Thank you MS Cusack for another awesome sizzler :)

4/5 Stars for a great story

Review by TashNz - 5 Stars

Quite possibly my favorite so far of the Husband Heel series.

Louella is just a person with her name you imagine her to be... the perfect, well behaved everything. Perfect wife, perfect life, perfect smile... but like the saying goes, those who smile the hardest are usually the ones falling apart and hiding the truth from the world so everyone's outside looking in view of perfection isn't shattered.

I loved seeing another side to Louella and what really makes her tick. Her story was thoroughly enjoyable and the pages sweep by so fast. Nick was an awesome match and was written with such greatness you're smiling away without even knowing it. I love how the four friends feature prominently and with each story it feels like you know them not only more but almost wish you were in their crazy circle.

Very much looking forward to #4

Review by Cheryl Steckling - 5 Stars

ouise Cusack has been writing a series about Jill, Angela, Louella and Fritha. When you are in trouble, or happy about something, or want someone to trust you can call one of the other 3 and be able to trust them with what you share.
Louella Knight has been married and is the perfect wife and perfect hostess but she has a secret really not known who to trust. Her husband came out with a huge shock announcement and then divorce and throws her life into something she never expected.
A death threat makes her hire a bodyguard, Nick Aston and he challenges her. She does do an experience that was very emotional for her and actually upset her physically. 
Then Nick eventually lets Louella know he cares for her and if he has to he is willing to give up being her body guard. 
Louise Cusack does an awesome job and each book is someone’s story – like this one is Louella’s story. Enjoy and you won’t be disappointed. 

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"Husband Heel (Husband Series Book 3" by Louise Cusask is part of her series books and best read as part of the series but can also be a read alone. Right now this one is my favorite of the three books since it gives us the perceived strong female, Louella Knight, who is a beautiful socialite. Her perfect, detailed world turns a little chaotic when her husband wants a divorce. Then in comes bodyguard, Nicholas Aston (Nick), because of a death threat. Nick seems to know what Louella needs and wants amidst the danger.

Review by Nas Dean - 5 Stars

Husband Heel by Louise Cusack is Book 3 of the Husband Series. 

Louella Knight was a huge surprise! She was so prim and proper that I never expected her to be so fun and playful. She came apart (literally!) in her bodyguard Nick Aston's arms.

Nick is a sensitive guy and he is totally swoon-worthy. The ultimate romantic hero!

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Review by Adel - 5 Stars

Husband Heel by Louise Cusack is the third book in the “Husband” series and is Louella’s story. It is an amazing story about a woman learning to live life fully with a wonderful man’s help, and of course her three girlfriends are with her every step of the way.

There is much more to Louella than meets the eye and Nicholas is just the man to unlock her secrets. Louella employed Nick as her bodyguard after her ex-husband got into trouble but he becomes far more important to her than she ever expected.

I absolutely loved this book and recommend it to anybody who loves great stories. Louise Cusack is a brilliant writer who brings her characters to life and pulls you into their stories. I can’t wait to read Fritha’s story next!

Review by Dottie - 5 Stars

Book three in her fantastic "Husband series". Figuring book three what could this author possibly come up with after the first two. An incredible story and one that shows are truly magnificent talent. Louella Knight only allows people to see her as a strong determined women with no weaknesses, where in reality she is falling apart at the seams. The only ones who seem to truly understand her and what she is going through is her girlfriends, and least until her bodyguard Nicholas steps in. He is what keeps her from losing it totally, and also is responsible for her believing in herself as a women. He brings out the best of her emotionally and sexually and he is truly hot. Where Marcus keeps her from believing what she is capable of Nicholas brings out all that she is and more. An in depth study of how someone can truly find out about themselves whether right or wrong decisions. Can't wait for the next in series . A truly entertaining read.