Vows of Revenge by Dani Collins

Reviewed by TashNz - 5 Stars

I think an author truly nails it when they have the ability make you feel a range of emotions ranging from disbelief, laughter, emotion, sadness; in fact a whole spectrum of emotions, some at once and some all at the same time!   This is exactly how Dani Collins made me feel as I read Vows of Revenge - the epitome of revenge stories.
Usually with revenge stories the Hero will threaten to reap revenge but it kind of never really happens.  In Vows of Revenge, it totally does and when it does that's when the feeling of disbelief hits, he did NOT just do that I thought... but oh yes, Roman very cleverly and heart-breakingly reaps revenge on Melodie; so sure she's in his sanctuary as an undercover who's trying to seek industrial secrets from him.  My heart bottoms out with Melodie's reaction. 
Security specialist Roman is a very private man who agrees to host his P.A's wedding at his private home.  Melodie is like an excited little butterfly, about to organise her very first wedding.  Recklessly Melodie throws all thought to the wind and the two end up in bed but all is dashed when Roman tells her exactly what he's done and why.  It's about now you know your'e reading about the worlds biggest ass and wondering how on earth is he going to redeem himself or fix things so you're still hanging on every sentence hoping the two get their happy ever after... trust me when I say the author absolutely manages to do this and more which brings me back to my first point, an author truly nails it when they have the ability to make you feel a range of emotions - but most of all achieving what she wants us as readers to do - believe!  Believe in the journey, love the characters, laugh and cry with them and believe they will get their happy ever after!
I loved Roman's unique character and I loved how he tried to atone for his behavior.  He was a true conqueror of the wrongs he both experienced and caused. Melodie was driven by her promise to her Mother and I'm so glad that happened.
Dani Collin's Vows of Revenge is a wonderfully emotive story filled with two characters battling where they've come from and trying to make their own way in the world.  A tough childhood has helped shape Roman into the man he is and it takes a pretty special girl slip through the cracks.  A wonderful story about two people who are complete opposites but so destined to be and their journey of learning even up until the point Roman lets Melodie go and live her dream... much like the concept if you love something you must let it go... but if you haven't told what you've let go you love them, how do they know to come back?
Harlequin Presents published September 2015 

Reviewed by Nas

VOWS OF REVENGE by author Dani Collins is a September 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series. 

Melodie Parnell thought she found it all but didn’t know Roman Killian was just using her for revenge. 

But Roman didn’t know the joke was on him because Melodie was innocent of all he imagined her to be. Instead she became such an integral part of his world he feared he couldn’t live without her, yet could he make her his world?

VOWS OF REVENGE is full of thrills and tension. It's also a mesmerizing, emotional and sensual romance. Author Dani Collins brought this sparkling tale of unexpected and chance encounters turning into red-hot passion.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Vows of Revenge by  Dani Collins

Reviewed by Helen - 5 Stars

This is such a great story fast paced sinfully sensual a story that will grab you from the first page with so many emotions flying off the pages. It is beautifully written with characters very real.

Melodie Parnell really has not had a good childhood growing up her father and half brother are both cold blooded and greedy men who have never shown Melodie any love or caring they have always put her down and she has had to work hard to overcome the insecurity and her mother was treated the same and when she loses her mother Melodie starts a new life with a promise to her mother and is working hard to make it come true. She has always dreamt the she would find passionate love that would turn to marriage and a family and maybe she has found it with the gorgeous Roman Killian.

Roman Killian grew up in foster homes and learnt at a very young age to never show feelings or emotions but when he is given a chance by a family he works hard and becomes the best in his field of security but he is burnt badly by a father and son and left broke but stronger he rebuilds his business to even higher levels he travels the world and enjoys what he has but he really is a loner but can things change for Roman when he meets Melodie who is part of the family he wants revenge on.

I loved this story from start to finish as Roman and Melodie journey along a rough path to a beautiful HEA as they enjoy such a passionate and sensual affair traveling the world Melodie finally gets Roman to open up and the joy it brings them both and the reader will have you tearing up and smiling. I highly recommend this story don't miss it.

5/5 stars for a wonderful story


Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"Vows of Revenge" by Dani Collins is a quick, enjoyable read. I have read a few books from this author and she has a way to keep the reader enthralled.

This is the story of Melodie Parnell and Roman Killian. She is kept emotionally and physically innocent by her father and brother. He is seeking revenge against his enemy by taking it out on the daughter. The relationship is complicated by many emotions and lies.

There is much more to this book but it deserves to be read rather than me telling you about it.


Review by Hina - 4.5 stars

Melodie Parnell is out there to make a name for herself without the leverage her father's name lends; him being a senator. She does not even use her father's name. Choosing to start a wedding planning business after her mother's death to fulfill her mother's last wish, she gets on the path getting a client. Her mother's friend's daughter and is all ready to go and scope the venue for the wedding. A venue that is the residence of not only Melodie's client's boss but also the residence of the man who holds the feelings of enmity to her father. That man is Roman Killian; a super genius in the security industry.

Roman finds out that the wedding planner for his assistant is none other but his enemy's daughter and he believes her to be her father's spy planted in his house to bring the man inside information. The power he now wields, he gets the wheels set in motion to get the woman evicted from the small house that she rents in Virginia because he seriously believes she does not really need the place when her father owns a mansion where she was definitely living like a princess.

The truth is not anywhere near what Roman believes and one mistake he makes in his own bed makes him run after the woman to make things right.

Melodie on the other hand wants to have nothing to do with Roman again. She had believed him to be different from the men she had known at home but she, like her trust, was all battered and she had a long journey to get her mother where she had always wanted to be.

It is up to Roman to come out of the shell he had hidden himself into, to make the woman he loved to believe him when he says he loves her and wants a lifetime and more with her.

A journey where he not only encourages her to do what she is passionate about, he actively aids her too.

The sign of his love when he lets her be herself and does not stifle her after he has gotten her fired twice.

Enjoyed immensely


Review by Amanda 

Author Dani Collins spins a spectacular revengeful tale in her newest Presents novel: VOWS OF REVENGE.

Melodie Parnell travels to south of France to plan the wedding of Roman Killian's PA. When she arrives she finds herself attracted—like moths to flame—to the security software specialist. She and Roman indulge in their fiery attraction to each other by sharing a bed together. But Melodie’s fling puts her in a horrible situation. She is fired from her job, out of revenge, after the assuming Roman thinks she is out to spy on him. Why would Roman suddenly fire her? And what will Roman do when he realizes his mistake?

Dani Collins is slowly but surely becoming one of the most sought after Presents authors. Her work shines with the touch of glamour, amazes with perfect use of artful words and her writing style makes her novels fast-paced and thrilling.

Vows of Revenge will keep Ms. Collins fans turning the pages due to the story’s high-octane drama and pulse racing seduction!

Recommended Read
5/5 Stars